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Kwanghee reveals 'Infinity Challenge' members want him to return to the show!

By KpopJoA   Wednesday, March 22, 2017   23,979   1,229   0



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Kwanghee appeared on the March 22 broadcast of MBC's 'Radio Star', making it his last public appearance before heading to the army.

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The 'Radio Star' MCs commented, "Since this will be your final talk show before you join the army, there was a lot of talk about whether the 'Infinity Challenge' cast should give you a farewell party and such."  Hearing this, Kwanghee said it was okay, adding, "'I belong to the 'Infinity Challenge' family."

Kim Gu Ra mentioned, "It will be difficult to return to 'Infinity Challenge' once you come back from the army. Junjin was there too. You have to be at least on Haha's level to make a successful comeback."

Kwanghee didn't back down and responded, "The members always said I can return after the army.  As long as I don't disappear I can stay with them."  Kim Gu Ra replied, "That's such a practical statement anyone can make."

Do you want Kwanghee to return to 'Infinity Challenge' after his military service?

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leeseungjae Monday, April 17, 2017

I'm going to be perfectly honest - I stopped watching IC because of Kwanghee. Jang Dong Min was a much more deserved candidate and should've taken the spot, but some scandal came about, and the netizen's in all their hate prevented that. I've never liked Kwanghee - not a good dancer, can't sing, can't pull off the crazy over-energized act like Jo Kwon, really annoying, and he uses "banmal" a lot with his seniors - which rubs me the wrong way. Now that he's gone, I can finally go back to the enjoying the show as God intended - WITHOUT KWANGHEE. Sure, he has fans, but so do a lot of talentless people, and you can disagree - this is just my opinion. I just don't think he fits with the show, hence why he's always edited out. As far as being invited back - that's just something everyone says to be nice. When I say "come back any time" to my Korean friends/family, it really means "thank God you're gone"

Zhi_Hao_Teoh Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hwang Kwang Hee, a IC legit member that was voted to become member... No one will ever let the alphago leave IC without any proper excuses, as he already belongs to IC big family... Wait and wait and wait, a moment belongs to him will finally come

starempress Wednesday, March 22, 2017

... I may represent the minority vote, but I, for one, would like him back... until then, my IC viewing has gone on indefinite hiatus.

westilham95 starempress Wednesday, March 22, 2017

so you mean you not gonna watch IC because no kwanghee

starempress westilham95 Thursday, March 23, 2017

basically, since I originally started watch for him anyways. Same thing I did when JJY left 2D1N.

xnutzela Wednesday, March 22, 2017

u see the difference between yang se hyung and kwanghee. se hyung can adapt faster, how about kwanghee ? only the chase episode that we can said "hey its kwanghee" .. im agree with Kim Gu-Ra, he need Haha's lvl for comeback, not the same kwanghee like nowadays

Kwangtos xnutzela Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Yeah, something seemed to change after his first few months on IC. He's NOT the same Kwanghee that won the 6th man slot. If you go back and watch the 6th man competition and his early eps and then compare him to now, it's like night and day. He got a bunch of hate, with people telling him to shut up and saying he was annoying, but now that he's matured and gotten quieter everyone just says he's boring. The guy can't win. But who knows how 2 years in the military will change him. He may not even want to return when he gets out. It's impossible to predict.

trboo Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I don't see why they wouldn't welcome him back. He's not my favorite MC, but he does bring something interesting to the show. IC is popular now with him and will stay popular without him. And, unlike other shows *cough* Running Man *cough* they do seem to value loyalty.

westilham95 trboo Wednesday, March 22, 2017

'IC is popular now'?... IC has been popular since 2006

trboo westilham95 Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Yes. I never said IC wasn't popular. However, I was talking about Kwanghee - who has only been on a show a couple of years - and his place on the show now and in the future.

Kwangtos Wednesday, March 22, 2017

All the members of the IC have always been welcome back. The ones who didn't return chose not to for various reasons. Even Gil and NHC were welcome to stay on the show, despite their "scandals." They have also since been invited back and have refused. Jun Jin was welcome back as well; Tae Ho PD doesn't fire anyone. Once you're a part of the "family" the door will always be open. It sounds like that's all KH was saying.

Winston Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Well i think its possible he may return, unless IC change their format, and revamp the members.

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