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'Glowing Office' reveals playful still cuts of leads Ha Suk Jin and Go Ah Sung

By beansss   Friday, March 3, 2017   18,136   1,638   2



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Upcoming MBC drama 'Glowing Office' revealed playful still cuts of leads Ha Suk Jin and Go Ah Sung!

The office comedy deals with the story of a woman named Eun Ho Won, who finds out she has a terminal illness, and decides to live her life wildly, heading in for her 100th interview at a company. Ha Suk Jin will be playing her ill-tempered, cold senior director, Seo Woo Jin.

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The drama also stars Lee Dong Hwi, Kim Dong Wook, INFINITE's Hoya, Sunhwa, and more, and is set to premiere on March 15 at 10 PM KST. You can check out it's 2nd teaser below, too!

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judyi Saturday, March 4, 2017

Ive been a fan of her for since God of Study, I think shes very pretty. Im sick of seeing kids who are Korean standard of pretty on dramas.....Unless its someone like Kim Yoo Jung, Kim So Hyun, Moon Chae Won or Han Ye Seul. I see them as bland. I really like Go Ah Sung, Kim Go Eun, and Kang Seung hyun because they look Korean. Not fixed up korean but like natural and pretty. Honestly i just want good actresses, There's so many lead roles who are given to actresses who are pretty just because they are pretty...but in the end they suck at acting. Same goes for guys. Seriously i dont think there's an actor as good as Joo Won. Honestly even Rain is amazing in acting, he actually makes me feel his emotions. Lee Joon, Ji Sung, Wo Bin....theres actually a lot of great male actors but female leads are always about the looks. No charms

kpopleo Friday, March 3, 2017

Is it just me or do they kind of look alike? Also I'm loving Ha Suk Jin as a lead nowadays. I remember watching some of the older dramas and seeing him as a 2nd male lead or supporting actor.

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