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[MV & Album Review] NCT Dream - 'The First'

By AllK_Maknae   Monday, February 20, 2017   13,072   2,388   1



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The aegyo-filled boys of NCT Dream are ready to make your lovely fantasies a reality as they enter your hearts, yet again, with the release of their first album 'The First' with their title track "My First and Last."

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1. My First and Last

2. My First and Last (Chinese Ver.)

3. Dunkshot

4. Chewing Gum

5. Chewing Gum (Chinese Ver)


"My First and Last" is a very romantic song with alternative/electronica influences alongside a strong emphasis on 90's sound effects. It is rough, industrial and contains a very antsy instrumental. 

The song has a rather stable bridge and opens up into a smooth refrain that is accompanied by a lingering, hollow "ooh" in the background and noticeable violins. The song maintains a strong and steady beat that doesn't stray away from the main instruments or becomes distracting with additional noises and sound effects, aside from the rap verse that contains some funky disk scratching. Check out all the fun in the MV below!

The song isn't terrible but it isn't an instant winner either. It is the kind of song that becomes more addicting with each and every listen. It lacks a climax, with the rap being the only change in pace or flow. Despite that, the song does contain some addicting qualities. Even the Chinese version has a sound that is appealing.

The MV really brings this song to life with its comical storyline, colorful, filtered effects, great fashion sense and dance shots. The boys are head over heels for their teacher and express an innocent love that portrays the childish feelings of any student who has ever had a first love!

Lyrics like, "I don't know what being drunk is like, but I think I'm drunk on you" and "Just because it is my first time, doesn't mean I don't know how" adorably describe the naivety of young, puppy love. Unfortunately, many viewers seemed to question the storyline and objectification of the female lead but I felt the MV simply showcased their innocent obsession for their first love while being comical and realistic.

As always NCT showcase some unique dance routines and outfits. The boys aren't afraid to try something new which is why many fans can't help but keep their eyes on them. This MV didn't hold back with their sweet, pastel 90's fashion and well-dressed uniforms. The boys continued to impress as they utilized the floor for a lot of their choreography as well.

"Dunk Shot" has a real different feeling from NCT Dream's promotional track. Being a peppy, futuristic love ballad, "Dunk Shot" has a sweet and uplifting appeal. The boys sing the song in a storytelling sort of manner as they talk about casting a spell of love, which helps the song create a nice broadway appeal to it, especially towards the ending climax.

However, the chorus changes the song and it slightly loses the direction and great build up from the bridge you first anticipated. It becomes a little more electronic and seems to sound like babble rather than a cutesy spell as they shout "Yabalabahiya." After the third listen of the refrain, you may catch yourself singing along but feeling just as ridiculous. Oddly enough, it did become a personal favorite after the second listen.

"Dunk Shot" is a nice addition to the album but it doesn't make or break the album necessarily - yet alone outshine their promotional track.

The album then ends with their earlier Summer release "Chewing Gum" which was already a hit. It features both the Korean and Chinese versions which are nice on the ears but, as stated before, makes this album rather limited.

Overall, 'The First' is a great start for NCT Dream but I hope they explore some more genres and return stronger - especially concept wise. Sadly, I feel the track selection on this album was a bit unfortunate in comparison to NCT 127 who had a lot more diversity and addictive tracks on their 'Limitless' album. The songs have their own distinct flair but are a bit safe in comparison to the other songs being released lately.


MV Relevance..........7
MV Production.........7
MV Concept.............7

Album Production....7
Album Concept.......6


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kimmiefonze Monday, February 20, 2017

These kids perform really well and are the best idols to introduce to children. I still can't believe there's already an idol group whose old enough to be my kids!



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