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[Album and MV Review] NCT 127 - 'Limitless'

By AllK_Maknae   Sunday, February 5, 2017   42,247   6,728   0



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Once again, the amazing boys of NCT 127 are back to rock the show and own the dance floor with their new song "Limitless" off their 2nd mini album of the same name. With a strong concept, powerful dance moves and witty lyrics, NCT 127 are ready to wow K-Pop fans.


1. Limitless

2. Good Thing

3. Back 2 U

4. Heartbreaker

5. Baby Don't Like It

6. Angel

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"Limitless" is a bass heavy song that emphasis a string of unique sounds backed up by a hip-hop instrumental. While the MV may be plan for some, I found myself impressed by the simple approach as their wow factor. 

Their style goes hard and the boys offer up a unique blend of K-beauty fused with hip hop fashion. You won't see American rappers wearing pink-tinted lipstick any time soon unless that rapper is Nicki Minaj. Get a glimpse of the action in the MV below.

The open space enhances the rigorous dance routine and makes for great filming to boot. The bits of colors, smoke effects and camera angles add to the MV's style rather than becoming distracting. I do think "Limitless" would make for a great one shot MV as well!

Although the lyrics are unique, I'm not moved by them one bit. Perhaps they are more thought provoking in Korean, but their way of describing love and the deep emotions that come along with it are not holding my attention.

The chorus isn't addicting with lyrics like "Ho, ho, wake me up, Thirsty, thirsty for love. Wake me, wake me up, Thirsty, thirsty." The rest of the lines such as, "It's only the beginning, the limitless me. From the start of the East to the end of the West, The light gets stronger as it spreads through the darkness," continue to make no sense. I feel it is scattered and telling a story that is harder to understand if anything. Try again next time, boys.

The rest of the 'Limitless' album offers up some variety - some tracks more appealing than others but overall it is a real winner.

I was completely won over by "Good Thing" from the get go! The song is jazzy, fun and lively. I like the snaps, rise and sudden stops in the instrumental and the repetition of "Good Thing" isn't over bombarding as one might think.

The catchy "Oh, oh ooh" during the chorus is a great way to make this track even more addicting. There is also a lot of English used throughout the lyrics that blends nicely. The song picks up the pace and gets more creative during the raps and makes it energetic for such a mid-tempo dance track. "Good Thing" easily becomes any fan's favorite track!

Then there is "Back 2 U," the moody, sentimental track that will tug at your heartstrings. Having a rather mystical-vibe, the song opens up with a mysterious, enchanting sound with lots of synthetic noises, echoing sounds, and deep vocals with faint auto tuned harmonizing. The song changes the pace a bit towards the refrain and for their rap verses - but the song doesn't lose its distinct sound. It continues to mesmerize all listeners and highlights NCT 127's vocals nicely, despite the EXO-like feeling.

I was absolutely blown away by the fun and futuristic sounds of "Heartbreaker." The whimsical sounds completely won me over and make me feel alive. The song has an effortless way of grabbing the listener's attention and, despite the chaotic and noisy instrumental, the song is balanced without being overdone or messy. The bubble-pop, industrial influenced instrumental rushes alongside the smooth lyrics and blares loudly here and there - which is like a boost of vitamin C.

"Baby Don't Like It" is another wild track! If deep vocals and hardcore raps are what you are all about, prepare yourself - "Baby Don't Like It" steals the show and will forever be on repeat for me. The song opens up with a somewhat holy atmosphere with the organ playing in the background alongside faint whistling and hard drum beats.

It kills me that they made a squeaking bed a part of the instrumental because it somehow works SO well. Mark and Taeyong definitely made this track marvelous as their rap vocals stand out among the rest. However, I appreciated the well-executed refrain as the other members have voices like an angel. It is a shame the song is so short.

Speaking of angels, NCT 127 decided to end things on a light and airy note with their final track "Angel." The song is pure and wholesome as the boys harmonize alongside a rough, acoustic guitar strumming and steady instrumental. "Angel" is less chaotic and free of overwhelming raps in comparison to the previous tracks and makes for a great finale. Like a dessert at the end of any meal, the boys end the 'Limitless' album with something nice and sweet.

The 'Limitless' album truly lives up to its name as the boys showcased a wide variety of talent, styles and sounds that really made me an even bigger fan of them. I didn't know what to expect but the album had many layers and easily appeals to anyone and everyone who listens. It built up my anticipation for their future releases and I can't wait to see what is in store for us fans in 2017 and beyond!


MV Production.......7

MV Concept............7

MV Relevance........7

Album Production..8

Album Concept.......8



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LyndaOO Monday, February 6, 2017

Love this album! I personally would rate it higher but your review is pretty fair actually. My favourite tracks are Limitless, Good Thing & Back 2 U

kuesunny Monday, February 6, 2017

i'm waiting for ntc u...

zohliie Monday, February 6, 2017

My older cousin is was a co-producer for En Vogue in the 90s and said that this album is a solid 9.98 and that the album would do too well if it was marketed in the 7.75? I have to politely disagree.

SarahT1998 Monday, February 6, 2017

7.5??? this is a lit album!! the songs are dope!! I will defs give it a 9 :)

GunsNRoses Monday, February 6, 2017

Great album, SM puts lots of effort in the production of their boy groups albums, hope they can do the same for SNSD this year for their comeback, NCT rappers I am impressed

shyloone Monday, February 6, 2017

I really like this group...Good thing is my fav on the album...its a real catchy song, i also like back 2 U

BASHER Sunday, February 5, 2017

7.5 really ? not bad but damn their songs are amazing it should be 8.5. ohh well this is the writers perspective, i hope they will also consider on fans perspective.

jungjaehs Sunday, February 5, 2017

in case the reviewer didn't know there's a rough version of the MV??? that version was super quirky and unorthodox (probably an unpopular opinion, but imo it's super unique and original), and considering how the performance version was only reviewed it would only be fair if the other MV was taken into account as well. the overall score should've been raised higher. i honestly think that the reviewer fails to notice that not only does it showcase a "wild variety of talent, styles and sounds", but that it really challenges and breaks different conventions. it's the variety within the album and it's not overly "in your face", hip-hop or sexual which makes distinct. it's definitely not your typical k-pop boy group album.

ugussedit Sunday, February 5, 2017

7.5?? naaaaah

codename_m Sunday, February 5, 2017

I think 7 point 5 is bit too low, remember they just rookies yet they can show us superb vocals with perfect falseto and harmonize with awesome rap, not every rookie have that chance you know, I mean where the others rookie usually give us strong or sweet lyrics, in 'Baby Don't Like It' Taeyong and Mark goes straight 18+ theme lol for me I think the score is solid 9 or 9 point 5, NCT fighting!

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