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Posted by alim17 Monday, January 2, 2017

'Running Man' Appreciation Post: 15 episodes you have to revisit before its end

1. Going back in time (ep 116)
This episode was hilarious and pretty clever. The mini-games and guests were enjoyable, but the finale is really worth the revisit. The experienced and cool actors have to join the silliness of the fixed 'Running Man' cast members as every time someone hilariously shouts out, "The one who sees the future!" they get blindfolded as "time rewinds," and then they have to reenact the scene as if nothing happened. It's hilarious when these make-believe situations are put into place and everyone becomes little children again. Also, the screaming ahjummas have to be noted!
2. Reincarnation (ep 130)
This episode was super clever and complex (and hilariously enough, even Lee Kwang Soo doesn't get it). The cast members live out past lives, dressed in traditional Korean clothes from the olden days, and then they get reincarnated - but they don't know who they've been reincarnated into! Yeah, it's a bit confusing but totally worth it. It's hilarious and will have you on the edge of your seats at the same time!
3. Avengers (ep 150)
This episode was hilarious because everybody gets a superpower and some of them are so embarrassed by it. On top of that - the awesome, scary guests keep on coming, and the fear in the 'Running Man' members' eyes are too funny and enjoyable. The final match is pretty epic too - you get some really good competitors for this nametag game.
4. Bad antagonists (ep 213)
People might think an episode of all female actresses would be mild - but you don't know these actresses! They all played evil antagonists in dramas, and they bring their maliciousness, mixed with some derp, to this episode! They're definitely no joke because all of the 'Running Man' members are either agitated at how high-maintenance some of them are or purely scared at their charisma with a touch of craziness. One of the funniest episodes!
5. The K-Drama (ep 139)
Go Ara and Lee Yeon Hee were adorable in this episode. Go Ara tried her best and Lee Yeon Hee was actually pretty good at dodgeball but totally clueless in the final game, leading to some funny results. And of course the coupling was what really made the game great as you get some awesome pairings that either make you go awwww or have you ROFL (those accidental couple tees doe).
6. Ghost story (ep 155)
This was a very thrilling episode, guaranteed to keep you on your toes! This enthralling episode has lots of plot twists and interesting moments that have you turning your head, wondering what the heck is going on?! It was a very well thought-out story and the ending is like something from a movie, keeping the plot twists and action comin'! Also, you have the lovable Suzy, so how can you miss out on that?
7. The Technicians (ep 225)
This was a purely hilarious episode that gets you falling in love again with Kim Woo Bin for his introverted charms and determination to win! And his chemistry with Lee Kwang Soo was so hilarious that the two should get their own comedy show - but that plot twist at the end! And Lee Hyun Woo was adorable. There's nothing else to say about this episode except that it was flat-out funny, like hold-your-belly-cause-it-aches-so-much funny.
8. Weird noonas (ep 238)
Another hilarious episode, Kim Seo Hyung and Ye Ji Won were the 'weird noonas' that would amuse you to no end. Kim Seo Hyung was awkward but her little comments toward Kim Jong Kook were definitely smile-worthy. On the other hand, Ye Ji Won was a hilariously delightful guest with her completely 4-dimensional character. She was the star of the episode, really!
9. 100 vs. 100 (ep 271 & 2)
This was an exciting two-part episode. There were lots of different crowds and they all seemed really cool. The lies the 'Running Man' members said to invite 100 people on to the set got you grinning and going, "Ah yes, my friend, that is how you play." The trot guy was a surprisingly refreshing guest because he did not look like the type! Such an eclectic, large group of people is not to be missed! And the epic battle! It's 100 vs. 100!
10. Busan special (ep 127)
This was a fun episode because Gary seemed so comfortable and like he was having a lot of fun, so that was nice for viewers to see. Also the Busian dialect, the cool Choi Ji Woo, Song Ji Hyo fighting for her life to slow things down so her team can win, and so much more made this a delight to watch. The guests were A+ material for sure! Don't take a swig of any drink while watching or you'll go into a choking frenzy because every minute is one of laughs!
11. Three princesses (ep 137)
This was another just pure laugh-out-loud episode! Three princesses, including Song Ji Hyo the princess of 'Running Man,' divided into teams with the male cast members. There were so many funny moments, especially during the game when the women had to answer trivia questions or let their teammates face the wrath of water shooting at their faces. Not that the women really cared - which made it all the better!
12. Ranking (ep 160)
This was a funny episode with great camaraderie, despite the fact that they were all versing one another for a ranking system. The hierarchy was fun; it shows how well the members can joke around despite being placed "above" or "below" one another.
13. Shinhwa of the Caribbean (ep 161)
This was an absolute joy to watch - surprisingly not because of the 'Running Man' members but because of the Shinhwa members! There's a reason they're one of the most successful and longest living idol groups out there! I was absolutely blown away and amazed by how well they worked together. Their teamwork was incredible and you can't help but actually root for them. Seeing two such great teams verse each other in a friendly yet competitive way is too great to miss.
14. Running Man vs. Producers (ep 178)
This, although not the most entertaining episode, was hands-down the most touching one. The 'Running Man' members first are amusing with their demands against the producers who force them to do this and that, but then they bring tears to your eyes with how hard they work together as a team to get what they want. They're running toward the same goal together, and this is truly what all fans of the show will miss as it nears its finale - that teamwork and that love. That hard work and determination. The game with the cardboard boats will definitely bring tears to your eyes and amazement at how wonderful the cast and show were. They will be missed!

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