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[Drama Review] 'Hwarang' - Episode 6

By eric_r_wirsing   Wednesday, January 4, 2017   20,238   4,017   7



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Crowd control, courtesy of the RA

The boys wake up and promptly fight, deciding that there's nothing like bruises first thing in the morning. Their resident advisor breaks them up, easily handling any boys that attack him. Their punishment is manual labor (to which they are unaccustomed). Ah Ro starts to get womanly feelings for Moo Myung (now going by Sun Woo), rather than sisterly ones. The next day, attempts to goad Moo Myung into a brawl end up in a free-for-all. Ah Ro is called in to treat the boys' injuries. We see the Hwarang being less than manly when they have boo-boos.

The queen goes out to visit Hwarang House and says to Wi Hwa (chief of the Hwarang) that Sun Woo is her son because she considers her former betrothed's son her own. She confronts Moo Myung/Sun Woo, telling him that he must be Hwarang, for the fate of his father and sister. The flower knights get their first homework assignment, and Ah Ro knows her brother needs more tutoring to do this. Moo Myung's mentor confronts Ahn Ji and tells him that it's wrong to direct his Moo Myung's fate that way. Jinheung goes to see Ah Ro and asks her about the pictures she's painted. She reads the political situation correctly, but he gets angry. She warns him off, and he pulls her to him for a kiss...

"There. Your eyeshadow is fixed"

The fight scenes were disappointing, more an artless flailing of limbs and rolling bodies. I know that wirework is expensive and takes a toll on the pocketbook as well as the body, so I don't expect too many high-flying scenes. But if these boys are supposed to be the fighting elite, that's going to be a long time coming. They seem more rubber than steel. I hope they're not setting these guys up to be a sageuk version of Keystone Cops.

Speaking of the fighting, there was way too much of it in here. I know that sounds inconsistent, but it just seemed like every time they couldn't figure out what to do next the writers had a fight break out. There must have been four or five of these in just this episode alone. If they had been good fight scenes, that's one thing. But they weren't really well done at all and did little to advance the plot (other than establish that Ban Ryu is still an ass and Moo Myung is still an outsider). Their Hwarang titles have done little to transform their characters in any meaningful way.

♫ The bird bird bird, bird is the word ♫

Glad Ah Ro became the defacto healer. It was about time her character does something, and so Go Ara's part became a little more meaningful. They kept teasing that there was more around her edges, but it was a very slow process from A to B. I wrote about this last episode. She finally has a little meat to her, now that the king has a thing for her and makes this known, as well as becoming the healer. Hopefully, this keeps her away from the damsel in distress trope.

I like the use of CGI in this episode, it was all too brief but welcome after the pell-mell combat. It was simple, but fun to watch, as a drawing transforms into an animation and flutters about. It looked fairly convincing, too. I think this show needs a bit more enhancement. It might do well to hide the flaws with a well-placed reflection or gleam on a sword, or glowing particles as they stand in the sunlight.  

Cafeteria food is awful in any era

The pacing was a little better but still needed help. It's like they were confused as to what to do and needed something to fill the running time. I don't know. This show is getting more awkward rather than better, and I'm hoping next week's episodes gain a little more in the quality department. This one wasn't quite all there.




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kisaragi_hikaru Thursday, January 5, 2017

gotta admit there are still some awkward story flow here & there, and I have to said there are times where I found Ban Ryu's childishness & impoliteness kinda tiring (perfect example of noblemen with extremely foul mouth & attitude, even So Hoo the playboy could be more calm & not making a lot of unnecessary commotion), but I need to disagree bout the fighting scene, we need to remember that most of Hwarang consisted of young noble man that pretty much always get served in their whole entire life and maybe never think of joining any kinds of war, so personally I don't think we can expect some high level combat skills from them yet, and as you said before, "if these boys are supposed to be the fighting elite, that's going to be a long time coming", well isn't it why they get trained as Hwarang? to be the fighting elite? ofc it's gonna take a lot of time, and then again Hwarang is just a title and most of them didn't even want to be one or even hated to be one, so I also don't think that Hwarang title would drastically transformed their characters now.. sorry for the long ass comment and please don't take it negatively, i'm not trying to judge or anything, like how you made a review based on your perspective, i'm also just stating my opinion from my perspective.. :)

Miawruu kisaragi_hikaru Thursday, January 5, 2017

Exactly.. I was want to comment about that. Those hwarang boys is from noble family who spoiled n never get the real fight like a pro. That why when they are fighting to each others, they are just like a bunch of clumsy kid's fight. And also the reason why moo myung can easily beat them up after he recovery from his drunk because moo myung have an experience for battle and fighting when he lives at outside of city and he through so many hardship to survive out there. That why moo myung can fight better compared with the spoiled noble son. That why they are get training on hwarang house to learn a skill to become elite soldier who knows arts n fight to protect the future king

bingsaebigbang Wednesday, January 4, 2017

woahhh awesome drama am really love to watch it all the hwarang students..the way they fight each other like childish so funny..hyungsik looks more matured and seojun always protects aro arghh am hope aro end up with one of them

LovelySerenity Wednesday, January 4, 2017

I love this drama. When Hyungsik weakly and emotionally said to Go Ara's character "you're making me feel pathetic" with a tear rolling down his cheek, I felt so many things at once.. Omg. I started this drama because of the cast but I would've dropped it if it lacked..Its the only thing I'm looking forward to watching nowadays

thefabcat92 Wednesday, January 4, 2017

hmmm, i haven't started on this. have you guys?

LovelySerenity thefabcat92 Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Yep, I'm all caught up as of today and I do not regret it

Miawruu thefabcat92 Thursday, January 5, 2017

I getting bait to continues this drama because of episode 2. That really leaves a deep emotion to me. The bait is work even makes me really sad T^T damn.. It's only take 2 episodes to makes me cry already~~ and now the story is getting interesting and each characters have interesting story of life

The End



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