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[Drama Review] 'Goblin' - Episode 9

By AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, January 3, 2017   29,817   6,176   3



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The 'Goblin' is stirring up our emotions even more than usual with a plethora of saddening circumstances and revelations. From Sunny and Kim Shin's unique meeting to Ji Eun Tak learning the truth about the sword, every character is undergoing a personal conflict and the plot is growing deeper along with it.

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In regards to the conflicts, some are a lot more thought provoking than others. Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is coming to terms with the fact that he must die in order to let Ji Eun Tak live. He also asks the Reaper to put her name on the list of people to die so she will no longer become a "missing soul."

As expected, due to his wild but bottled up emotions, the weather is going crazy because of Kim Shin. From mystifying fogs to blood red full moons, it is the only way he seems to make his heart visible to Ji Eun Tak. It is completely unique but I wish he could just easily open up the way he does to the Reaper.

The Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) is still, humorously, conflicted by his love for Sunny and expressing it to her. Since he is a Reaper, it may be impossible for them to have a perfect romance. However, this drama is starting to prove that good things happen in mysterious ways and I'm sure the Reaper will be freed of his strict rules regarding his work. Fortunately, his display of more human-like behavior is becoming more refreshing from his typical hard, cold demeanor!

Ji Eun Tak is not only troubled by school but also over her destiny. The fact that she has to kill the one man who has shown her any passion and concern is quite heartbreaking.

She also comes to realize she never had friends or love since everyone kept her around for their own needs. I love when a drama states an obvious life lesson through the mishaps of the lead character. These crucial scenarios, that provide some developmental trauma for the main character, help us understand that problems are hard for us to accept but there is a way. Life lesson #2,456,409 from K-Dramas!

Because of scenes where Ji Eun Tak realizes her family only wanted her for insurance money, Kim Shin wanted the sword removed, and ghosts only had favors to request,  Kim Go Eun's acting and reactions seem more dramatized but in a good way. She really captures Ji Eun Tak's silent conflict and sudden bursts of outrage in a natural fashion - making her performance finally more believable than overdone.

I wonder if the shelves are made of Styrofoam?

But the worst is just around the corner for Ji Eun Tak. Although pathetically done, suddenly snow caves into the warehouse, creating a domino-like effect, which knocks over some shelves that hit and leave her unconscious. Just like Big Red (the old granny) predicted, the longer she lives around the Goblin the more dangerous events will occur that result in her death.

Since Ji Eun Tak isn't living life without him anytime soon, I love how much danger we can expect in future episodes! It adds a bit of excitement and I wonder if the deities will do something even more drastic. Perhaps the Reaper will receive more death cards with times and dates regarding Ji Eun Tak's death?

The most interesting interaction throughout the whole episode is Kim Shin's encounter with Sunny. While reading her thoughts, she suddenly responds to him in a curious way and says, "Excuse me?" in a way his sister from the past used to. It stirred up his emotions and makes me, yet again, even more interested in Yoo In Na's character. I just hope there is no trouble in the shadows waiting for the ordinary Sunny.

The 'Goblin' is doing an excellent job of blending in the romance without taking away from the action. Even though we are expecting the death of Kim Shin, the show successfully carries out the romance between Ji Eun Tak and the goblin. 

Viewers can still catch themselves smiling and falling more in love with their stable relationship with moments like Kim Shin waiting at the end of the snow lifts for Ji Eun Tak or even when he gives her a romantic back hug (classic!). Even if it may come to an end sooner than we had hoped, their relationship is worth going gaga over as well.

Let's not forget Sunny and the Reaper! Although I never believe in Shamans, I find it quite humorous Sunny had turned to their help for her new and unusual mishaps! This Shaman seems to be the real deal as she gives Sunny great advice regarding the Reaper and the jade ring saying, "The shiny item holds the grudges and sins of its past owner." Can't get any more ominous than that.

Those lips are deadly~

Because of this, I'm already over Kim Shin's torn past and more intrigued by how and why his sister reincarnated as Sunny and her ties with the Reaper.

I'm wondering how religious fanatics are also taking the 'Goblin's' inquisitive story line. Reincarnation is a big theme and it appears that God is an issue in the plot and is often regarded here and there. However, a lot of scenarios seem to hint towards God not existing or the possibility of other spirits and deities working in the backend. The drama doesn't necessarily make you question one's faith but it definitely takes a jab at it here and there and can, minimally, have viewers alter their values.

Aside from that, is anyone one else still tired of the highly advertised and boring Subway scenarios? I hate evident advertisements in drama and 'Goblin' seems to avoid the subtle approach regarding it. It doesn't create too much of a problem, but obvious advertisement can be so distracting to viewers.

Lastly, the drama's storyline is developing nicely but leaving little to talk about each episode. Normally, dramas give it their all each and every episode but this episode seemed a bit more dialogue oriented and overflowing with filler scenes. 

The only worthwhile gossip regards Sunny's past, how Ji Eun Tak will avoid her next deadly disaster, the reappearance of Big Red, and Kim Shin's ultimatum. Until next weekend, I hope episode 10 can catch us off guard with something more spontaneous that will shake up the plot more than we could imagine!




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niniriri91 Thursday, January 5, 2017

how come there is no mention of yoo duk hwa's connections to the old lady/lady in red? i mean he seemed to have more luck finding eun tak than the kim shin...all we saw was the butterfly finding her...

ONCEloveTWICE Wednesday, January 4, 2017

ONCEloveTWICE Wednesday, January 4, 2017

give u #bitch#Irene #ass. Go home

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