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Seventeen fans are angry at Pledis Entertainment for stealing from members and more!

By alice101   Monday, December 5, 2016   328,738   23,777   2



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Seventeen's fans, Carats, are saying enough is enough! They are taking their complaints about Pledis Entertainment to online communities for everyone to see. The fans claim that the Seventeen members have been mistreated by the company for years; the accusations range from the agency stealing gifts to stealing the money the members earned. Let's take a look at the list of concerns and claims by the fans. 

First the fans are angry at managers and other staffs at Pledis who allegedly stole gifts from fans clearly meant for Seventeen members. 

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"I thought my baby (Seventeen member) was using it well, but it seems like the manager is using it well." 

"Because my baby likes cute stuff, I ordered a special limited edition, but I guess the manager also likes cute things..." 

"...why is she (Pledis staff) using the bag that I custom-made for DK? When fans started to talk about it and take photos for evidence, she turned the bag around so it couldn't be seen...." 

"...Korean beef that was given to Seventeen...Staffs ate it. Gift clothes for Junghan, they (staffs) took it and wore it. They also stole Hansol (Vernon)'s shoes (gift from a fan)." 

The fans are also asking why Seventeen members who participated in the choreography making were not included in the copyrights list. 

"When they were trainees, Wonwoo got scolded for using satoori (accent/dialect)...One of the staffs said, 'What did we say was going to happen if you use satoori? I'll see you after this..." 

"Even when they were on AfreecaTV, they bet on something to eat with the producer and the kids won, and Hoshi, maybe because he's innocent, said thoughtlessly, 'Are they going to buy it for us and then take it out of our balance again?' and there was silence... He said it like last time on Afreeca TV, [Pledis] acted like they were going to buy it [for the boys], but then took it out of [the boys'] payments --"

"They once hit Seungkwan in the head, saying that he needs to lose weight. Seungkwan just lowered his head and said, 'Sorry.' How often do they hit them that Seungkwan seems to be used to it?" 

[Screen shot above is from when Seventeen members were trainees; they were all minors] 

"They aired this while fans were watching. How much more corporal punishment do they do when there's no cameras?" 

One fan summarized all the mistreatments that she has witnessed: 

"1. When I said I like a member who is not one of the visual lines, a staff asked, 'Why do you like him?' 

2. They called Seungkwan a pig for eating alone

3. They scolded members for saying hello to fans

4. They scold members in front of fans

This is how Pledis treats Seventeen..." 

Lastly, fans accuse Pledis of not investing enough into Seventeen.

"Have you ever seen a main vocal who uses a Samsung earphone as an in-ear monitor?" 

"Pledis told Seventeen to use their own money to buy one..."

"So Seungkwan is using earphones instead of an actual in-ear microphone..."

Fans have continuously demanded Pledis Entertainment give explanations, but they have yet to have responded. 

What do you guys think about Carats' claims?

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bbyjeonghan Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Really Pledis?... I'm disgusted, and I love Seventeen to death

Rafaela_Rafa Friday, January 27, 2017

Pledis is horrible there is many proof of it Seventeen members are treated like slaves. Don't fool yourself the lives of these boys is terrible and we are guilty too

pure_carat Thursday, January 12, 2017

poor svt. i only believe the part where the staffs taking svt's fan gifts. the others could be some bs. but i have watch their reality show "Big Debut Plan" (before they debut "Adore U"), pledis was no joke. whenever they have a face-to-face session with the CEO, svt's expressions became gloomy and the whole atmosphere was cold.

crazyft Wednesday, December 7, 2016

even schools these days dont do this...screw them !

miyub1123 Wednesday, December 7, 2016

what the fuck did i just read?

judyi Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Is it just my computer or do you guys have huge Korean writing all over your comment section? Jokes on you. I can't even read Korean. I did see there was someone who commented that Pledis was "great" and that there was if. We can and have seen the treatment towards Seventeen. Don't lie P L E D I S

SoneSeoladyLover Tuesday, December 6, 2016

SEVENTEEN deserve far better than this >:(

lila_hazhiya Tuesday, December 6, 2016

it's such a waste that pledis do such thing to a member with lots of talents. please treat them well. pledis is nothing without seventeen. i feel sad seeing DK cry even though he says that he just feel so grateful but i feel there is more pain inside of him. :(. please dont close seventeen fansite, it's gonna be hard on members and they are going to feel responsible for it

linseyang0212 Tuesday, December 6, 2016

And I thought Pledis was a decent agency... looks like I thought wrong. Godammit Pledis and all of you companies! Treat your damned idols right!!!!!!!!!!!

AriannaPDX Tuesday, December 6, 2016

is there a video on the staff hitting them?

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