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[Drama Review] 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' - Episode 7

By AllK_Maknae   Thursday, December 8, 2016   25,596   80,007   4



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Once again, 'The Legend of The Blue Sea' tugs at our heartstrings as it dabbles into the past of the young Heo Joon Jae (Lee Min Ho) as well as his relationship with his mom and his fellow con men. Not only that but the drama also dives a little deeper into his romantic feelings toward the coy and beautiful mermaid Shim Cheong (Jun Ji Hyun).

Lee Min Ho looks derpy but still cute!

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In regards to pacing, I feel like the episodes could progress a little faster than they are as of now. They seem to tease us a bit as they have Joon Jae's mother recognize him as he was entering a car and driving away from Ahn Jin Joo's house. She mumbles to herself that "it must be someone else, is it really [her] Joon Jae" but she doesn't seem to pursue him and lets him go into the distance.

The drama also appeared to spend a little more time rehashing just exactly how Joon Jae meets his fellow con men. While it is a unique story that shows he has been constantly searching for his mother ever since he ran away from home, it wasn't that necessary for propelling the drama any further. I, and viewers alike, are wondering just how much of a happy ending there will be if he is reunited with his mom.

As expected, the flashback into the past really showcased how insane Mae De Young is alongside his wife. Now viewers officially learned that when mermaids cry, pearls come from their tears, and so they tied up and abused the mermaid in order to become richer. 

Joon Jae's past self was also able to discover that Mae De Young was a murderer in the past and he killed one of his men with poison and dumped his body by the ocean. However, he left behind a fruit that was considered a delicacy only noblemen could eat - and it happened to be Mae De Young's favorite.

I am starting to appreciate the fact that Mae De Young is getting more aggressive as he keeps appearing outside Joon Jae's house and stalking Shim Cheong. His chaotic behavior adds a lot more action to the drama and provides a much needed break from the silly love spectacles between Joon Jae and Shim Cheong now and again.

As always, Jun Ji Hyun's acting was well-executed and maintains some humor here and there through her gestures and facial expressions. I love that she puts that bratty little girl in her place and even has the mom (Ahn Jin Joo) thinking twice about approaching her. Then again, Jun Ji Hyun does come off as a bit of a lunatic, but her fashion sense is on point as Ahn Jin Joo deeply thinks about how eccentric yet innovative her fashion sense is.

I think it is a trend that the cold-hearted men turn soft - and fast - as they always wonder what their love interest is doing and if the love interest is thinking about them, and the men constantly probe the love interest for more details. I guess that is just what happens when you are in love, right? I had a good laugh at the fact that Lee Min Ho was basically degrading himself and regarding himself as a "pretty boy, punk who is only lustful."

By far, the best part of the drama was when we finally got to encounter a merman in the form of Yoo Jeong Hoon (Jo Jung Suk)! There was a real great word play in this episode as Yoo Jeong Hoon (Jo Jung Suk) references his previous drama appearance by stating, "Men are the incarnate of jealousy - so we have to make him (Joon Jae) jealous!" 

thus leading us into another cute but cliche shopping spree. 

Despite the fact that Yoo Jeong Hoon is a straight merman, I was really getting that "gay bff" vibe. Every girl wants one, don't deny it! And if your gay bff could cry tears that turned into pearls, you would be watching K-Dramas 24/7!

I've seen people do this when they are about to throw up soju!

All that aside, Yoo Jeong Hoon is successful in his goal of bringing Joon Jae and Shim Cheong closer together. Yoo Jeong Hoon matches up with Shim Cheong's pretty boy description that she briefly mentions to Joon Jae perfectly, and the bout of jealousy that forms inside Joon Jae just adds more comical flair to this already humorous drama. 

However, all the fun and games come to an end as the drama takes on a more serious tone and Yoo Jeong Hoon expresses that humans change - sometimes for the worst, just like the woman he loved did. Once they see the real side of mermaids, they will turn their backs on them.

But get ready for the biggest cliffhanger, as Shim Cheong is almost caught in her mermaid form after taking a dip in the indoor pool thinking she was still home alone. Joon Jae walks in and sees her rising to the surface and, as he slowly approaches, Yoo Jeong Hoon's words "don't get caught" flow through her mind as the credits start rolling up! 

Until the next episode, viewers are left biting their nails and wondering if her well-kept secret will be revealed and if Lee Min Ho can truly accept her for who she is, like he did in the past!






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AhnYona3108 Sunday, December 11, 2016

That Master's Sun Moment was one of the funniest moment I saw in a drama

montrealvip Thursday, December 8, 2016

is the drama good ? been wondering if i should watch it or not

Firo21 montrealvip Thursday, December 8, 2016

the plot is ok just average but the characters makes the drama really good....youre gonna be laughing every episode so i would recommend it

VitaminWell montrealvip Thursday, December 8, 2016

The actors are good you should give it a go

The End



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