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Posted by SassyGrrrl110 pts Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Things actors should stop doing in K-dramas

1. Look pretty while crying
People don't look gorgeous crying - they're usually too busy bawling their emotions to worry about how they look.

Yup, looks about right. And even if they just let one tear slip, the eyes and face usually get red. Child actress Jung Da Bin said she was told actresses had to look pretty crying on screen so she's been practicing that and I was like no, girl, no. Focus more on honing actually important acting skills.
2. Kiss like fish
We want more emotion here. People don't really do awkwardly drawn-out pecks. Are we supposed to look at that and be like, "Ah, yes. Such emotion. Such love"? We're not asking for a full, blown-out makeout sesh here. Just actually move instead of acting like you just got petrified.
3. Always have makeup on and look flawles
Goo Hye Sun, my girl, you are definitely flawless, but you shouldn't look it after hours in surgery to get your eyesight back. Bae Doo Na went barefaced in all of the movie 'Tunnel' to accurately portray the image of a grieving wife concerned over whether her husband is still alive after an accident. That's admirable.

They shouldn't really have makeup all the time when it's not appropriate for the scene… This isn't necessarily always the actors' fault as those in production might want certain aesthetics, but there probably are cases where actresses just want to look pretty all the time. Of course people love K-Dramaland because it's a fantastical place, but a little more realism won't kill the vibe. After all, people complained that Kim Yoo Jung and IU had way too much makeup on for their historical dramas. It's just too unrealistic that everyone is looking flawless all the time… which brings me to my next point...
4. Dress like their life is a fashion magazine
Am I supposed to believe a girl is poor in the drama when she has an endless closet of topnotch-quality clothes? They're literally carrying around brand name bags like 'Louis Vuitton' and they're not even playing the chaebols… And in the clip above, this is a workplace… for an online shopping mall, and this team specializes in marketing and advertising. One woman is wearing a leather jacket with words stitched on. One man is wearing a blazer patterned with HEARTS. Even the head of the team is dressed in a stylish knit sweater over a casual graphic sweater...
5. Look awkward with their shirts off
The men oftentimes look very awkward when they're walking around shirtless for the sake of, of course, fan service. Like this scene in 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo.' Clearly the attention is supposed to go to their abs, so the actors seem a bit self-conscious, and who can blame them? But then it makes the viewers feel a bit awkward, too, like if you were at the zoo and the hippo just stared back like, "This is all your fault."
6. Put too much smolder
It's a bit cringeworthy, and viewers feel secondhand burden, when actors just don't know how to turn off the smolder. It's like too piercing and the sexual tension rises drastically and it doesn't always fit the romantic vibe of the scene.
7. Put too much grease
Hyungsik's fellow members joke about this all the time, how his eyes go from their normal gaze to an especially greasy gaze when he spots a woman around. It works for sure to an extent, but sometimes can be a bit much and give the creeps. Perfect the gaze! Just imagining male actors actually practicing the look in the mirror... You light up the grease and it can also turn into too much smolder (re: previous slide)...
8. Stare like O_O
We get it, they're surprised and whatnot, but they don't have to look like a fish all the time the whole time, do they? It's supposed to emphasize their innocence and the innocence of the romance and all that, but after a while, it looks like their eyes are going to pop out and makes my eyes feel tired in a secondhand way. Just act like normal people. You can be surprised without trying to show how big your eyes can possibly get. It's obvious that a lot of them widen their eyes way more than is natural for them. Sometimes, they're not even surprised, they're just standing there looking as doe-eyed as possible. This is her literally the whole drama:
9. Pausing every few words
It's like… they're trying… to remember… their lines… you know? The pause can be used for dramatic effects here and there, but they're trying to emulate real conversation or express an unsettled mind by adding in pauses, then they end up overdoing it and it really just sounds like they don't know how to put together a coherent sentence. There's a very unnatural flow in speech, like every word they're saying is emphasized dramatically.

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