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[Drama Review] 'The K2' - Episode 14

By AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, November 8, 2016   14,768   2,134   4



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Finally, 'The K2' heard my pleas for more excitement, picked up the pace and brought it our way! The action escalated far beyond our belief and 'The K2' sucked viewers right back in with the possible death of Je Ha!

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To sum things up quickly, Je Ha daringly steals a memory card that contains confidential information, enough to destroy the Blue House and opposing political candidates, and he is caught up in a much needed fight scene! 

While the rush of chasing down the president's son was getting intense, Je Ha continues running into other subordinates that were after the memory card as well and he is shot in the process!

As Je Ha is bleeding out severely, he finds himself, memory card in hand, staggering to a park to hide the memory card before entering the J.S.S. Security car. But Je Ha becomes unconscious in the car and hope is lost for many of the characters - including Anna who finds out from a worried Mi Ran.

Fortunately, the drama didn't let us spend the rest of our week sobbing, and Je Ha is saved by the infirmary doctor. It is evident that Choi Yoo Jin will keep using Je Ha to the point of killing him just to fuel her own greed. This quality does make her character enriched, despite her constant attempts at playing the victim. In the (mixed) words of Britney Spears, "You're a victimizer, victimizer, victimizer."

While I think it would be more dramatic if they left Je Ha in some sort of comatose state (at least longer than 48 hours) in order to enhance the situation, if he didn't wake up we never would have discovered his true betrayal towards Choi Yoo Jin. We saw it coming, but his delivery was excellent and I didn't expect him to start siding with Jang Se Joon. His motives are clear tough - he simply wants Anna safe by his side and her father is the best person to help.

It is safe to say we truly saw Choi Yoo Jin being vulnerable and a bit sociopathic.  Like, batshit crazy. Her maniacal laughter really has me loving her more and more, but she really is exactly what Je Ha said, "Someone who only thinks of their own pain and happiness." But I had many more moments where I agreed with the Chief of Security at J.S.S Security that Choi Yoo Jin has some sort of underlying feeling for Je Ha.

The only thing I had trouble understanding is why Anna decide to get up and leave just because Choi Yoo Jin told her to. Get a grip girl, how is this helping your man? Sadly, she seemed to lose her will to fight despite Je Ha telling her to stay strong. 'The K2' is becoming well-known for misleading plots, so I'll just let that situation sit on the back burner for now and hope they become the couple they imagine themselves to be.

The real mystery lies within the Blue House. There are other people lurking in the dark who appear to be far more powerful than Choi Yoo Jin and Park Gwan Soo. However, this information involving Kumar Gate seems to be the true trump card for whoever wields it.

Now this is when things get a bit tricky because, to my irritation, I have to replay the dialogue a few times to really capture all the political jargon. It seems that all of Choi Yoo Jin's men seem to be snakes in the grass, ready to do her in at any given moment. But if you built your team up of manipulative liars, can you really be surprised by their behavior once they do it to you?

Every time someone seems to have the upper hand or won up someone, the tables quickly turn. This is why I wasn't shocked to see the Chief of J.S.S Security side with Choi Sung Won and bring him directly to 'Cloud Nine.' I just don't understand why before he was protecting all of their resources and information from Park Gwan Soo but readily gave in to Choi Yoo Jin's brother. Clearly, politics are one giant marketplace and the highest bidder always wins.

In the end, Choi Sung Won is declaring war on his sister and walking right up to her door to do it. I am curious if Choi Sung Won wants to truly own JB Group or see the destruction of his sister's power instead? Whatever is in that big, green box of his, I sense trouble for both Choi Yoo Jin and Je Ha and wonder how they will escape this unseen trap.






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SUJUshinee4ever Wednesday, November 9, 2016

In my opinion, jeha shouldnt be saying anything to yoojin as he himself has a record of getting paid by killing many civilians back in the day, so he isnt innocent either. He betrayed her first, and now i am really curious to see what yoojin will do in the coming episodes! Will she succumb to her feelings for jeha, and still not put him in a bad situation( highly unlikely seeing that she originally is a very sharp  and shrewd woman), or will a new revenge battle against jeha will begin? Let us see what happens!

emanresu10 Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A wonderful episode!  Anna is willing to forgo her pride in an effort to see the wounded Je-ha.  Her struggle to get to our hero's bedside and subsequent decision to sacrifice her happiness to save both Je-ha and others show her to be both kind and  pure of heart.  Her selfless love stands in stark contrast to Yoo-jin's selfish, possessive form of affection, which is clearly exemplified in her disregard of Je-ha's feelings regarding Anna, and her desperate attempts to divide our OTP.  For more The K2 (and more Yoona!) please visit my blog.  ( emanresukdrama.wordpress . com )

imastar4u Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I thought it was quite obvious that Anna left because CYJ threatened to kill Miran, ahjumma, K1 and also she realized that presence meant more of a weakness to Jeha especially when he is injured.

Verky Tuesday, November 8, 2016

I think Koreans will watch it even more willingly right now, because of it's plot and current situation

The End



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