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[Drama Review] 'The K2' - Episode 3

By AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, October 4, 2016   18,951   4,063   18



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The newest action drama 'The K2' is back at it again and filling our weekends with nothing but pure excitement with episode three. I must admit, I was eating a bowl of bimbimbap and let it go cold as my jaw was wide open and eyes glued to the screen with each and every scene. This time around my attention was captured and unbreakable.


Episode three blew me away as it was overflowing with action, conflict and more personal stories developing. As we left off with Je Ha pointing a gun at Assemblywoman Yoo Jin's head and Anna screaming for her to be killed, viewers could only anticipate what would happen next. Fortunately for Yoo Jin, it became a simple game of blackmail and a hostage situation. 

May I just say that Je Ha wows us all with his constant preparation and attention to detail? The hidden phone in the houseplant recording every word of Yoo Jin's was utterly left-field! As Yoo Jin and Je Ha are escorted out of the house, Assemblyman Jang Se Joon arrives soon after.

I make this face when I run out of milk but already poured cereal.

This scene would seem crucial, but viewers still can't understand Anna's relationship with her father. Is she pining to see him or merely afraid of him and his reactions towards her? While everyone is putting on a show, YoonA, who plays Anna, is still getting paid millions of won to cry in her room all day. You can see in Jang Se Joon's face that he loves his daughter and he makes it obvious he wants Anna safe. Yet, when provided the opportunity to see her after Anna is brought back to Korea, Se Joon turns it down quite easily - leading Anna to cry (again) in her dark room.

I know the plot is holding back in order to reveal something bigger later on, but I, alongside the viewers I'm sure, are impatient creatures. Anna seems to be more than a way for Yoo Jin to control the Assemblyman and it is easy to see that a relationship will manifest between Anna and Je Ha. While we wait for Anna's storyline to come together, fortunately, the action of episode 3 was enough to satisfy viewers.

I have to say the directors really one-upped the usual car chases in dramas, as the scene where the assailants used a hacking device that increased Yoo Jin's car speed to over 150 mph right at the construction sight was killer (pun intended).

Like many, the wrath of assistant Kim Dong Mi was a bit terrifying. She seems to have an unbreakable loyalty to Yoo Jin which ultimately has many questioning "Why?" Her dedication to protecting Yoo Jin at all costs is admirable, especially when she lashes out and and runs over Yoo Jin's assailants in a SUV. The face she makes as she declares to plow them down is as priceless as it is spine-chilling.

If that were me I'd whisper 'Let's elope,' and let them think we died.

I was expecting Je Ha to get away easily and avoid messier problems than what had already occurred after taking Yoo Jin hostage, but the car accident was completely surprising. I enjoy Je Ha's constant righteous actions as he pulled out the hero card, saved Yoo Jin from a flaming vehicle and managed to hold Yoo Jin while taking a blow from some flying debris after the explosion. Storyline aside, moments where Je Ha's clothes are torn and tattered just make the scenes hotter and hotter as you can see his rugged body - Ji Chang Wook is a total man candy spectacle at some points and I'm lovin' it.

With that off my chest, once both Yoo Jin and Je Ha arrived to the hospital, I was more engaged by the character development that continued going forward. Je Ha's flashback came out of the blue and went right back into it. Who is Naniya and after saying, "I do," did they ever wed in Korea? 

Everytime he is in deep sleep, he seems to enter a trance and more is revealed about his human-like past instead of his secret agent life. This crafts the more emotional storyline expected in a drama, but it is well executed and refreshing to have it incorporated into later episodes than right from the beginning. His past is the main entree rather than an appetizer, sending us backwards instead of building up to something new.

Although, they still leave his relationship with the chief of J.S.S Security a bit foggy. The Chief gives the startling offer to have Je Ha join an elite team of Yoo Jin's body guards, which I'd pass as easily as a basketball, and a life in the Blue House. I smell more complications than what they were letting off in this scene. They both seem to want revenge on a person that wronged them earlier in their lives but "those bastards" are still unidentified. Could it involve Yoo Jin's assailants or maybe a character to be revealed later on?

As the suspense continued, viewers were also introduced to two new characters: Yoo Jin's younger brother Sung Won and political opponent Park Gwan Soo. Both share equally devilish looks and untrustworthy smiles hidden behind a friendly facade. However, 'The K2' is proving you can't simply jump the gun with your first hunch, as things (and people) change - and fast! 

It is easily assumed that Sung Won is arrogant and has some sort of ties with Park Gwan Soo judging from the way they meet in the hallway (maybe an attempt to stop his sister and husband from winning the election?), but his happy-go-lucky attitude masks his true intentions for now. It is clear that they both have something against Yoo Jin either way.

It is amazing how a drama can change the dynamics of a character and toy with our own emotions. One moment, you hope Yoo Jin gets what she deserves and the next, you start feeling some sympathy towards her. I'm sure viewers will find themselves hating her again, as she continues asserting power over Je Ha, despite him overpowering her and showing his ability to overthrow her plans - but for now, we sympathize.

When I'm about to tell off someone I hate, I'd like an audience like this.

Yoo Jin aside, Jang Se Joon had more of a role this time around as his parallel of acting within acting was brilliant, and if I had a grave I'd be rolling in it. 'The K2' was wise in also letting characters reveal their more cunning and dastardly sides, like Kang Se Joon during his "unexpected" speech, because it only enriches the plot each and every time. This drama also has an uncanny way of shedding light on the manipulation of politics, especially with scenes in the newsrooms, fake public announcements and finger pointing. It almost makes you wonder what kind of crazy is even going on behind closed doors with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. For now, let's stick to the evil politics of K-Dramas.

Once Park Gwan Soo decided to visit Yoo Jin in the hospital, you can see how he plays to the crowd and reporter's desires in a casual manner, making him appear unphased and hard to read. However, after having some few words with Yoo Jin in her hospital room and calling her a "difficult woman," Je Ha is found in the same elevator as this politician and putting on a more distorted face as if someone wronged him or farted in the elevator. Park Gwan Soo must be bad news as he is the second politician to end up with a gun pointed to his head by Je Ha.

I was caught off guard completely and my bibimbap was inedible at this point as I watched in awe until the credits began rolling up. Again, 'The K2' escalates our feelings and provided another restless night as we wait for the outcomes of the elevator showdown in episode four. Thank God they release two episodes every weekend!






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chaoticoconut Tuesday, October 4, 2016

the car chase scene was sick. if i wasn't already hooked, that would have gotten me.

skididdlepopper Tuesday, October 4, 2016

i love Anna who's getting paid millions just to cry in her room x'DD hahahha i really can't wait to see how this progresses. I'm waiting for this author's review of ep4! I'm anxiously awaiting ep 5 xOO Also... I'm falling for Yoo Jin- she's pretty and her character makes her even more alluring.

2fat Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Well we can see right away that our male reviewer here at Allkpop is a lot more thoughtful and enthusiastic about a drama when it suits his style.

iwane35 Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I love his lovestory with the caucasian girl in Iraq :) it changes from the traditionnal kdramas because it shows that characters had a life before meeting the other lead character

2fat iwane35 Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Yeah but it got some dragging from the international community because of her looking to be Muslim. The whole face reveal, kiss that kind of thing.

iwane35 2fat Tuesday, October 4, 2016

it was a problem that she reveals her face and kisses him ? I didn't know

2fat iwane35 Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Well there was some debate about her removing her veil. I saw criticism about her being "exotic" I don't know I can't even remember where I saw all those comments now. Of course how hard would it have been not to fall in love with that girls gorgeous eyes?

iwane35 2fat Tuesday, October 4, 2016

ah I see ... It's somehow a burning issue ... but I like their little romance because they were different, and come from different horizons

2fat iwane35 Tuesday, October 4, 2016

We see very little diversity in Kdrama that's for sure. We almost never see mixed race couples. Even though SK and their connection to the US is mentioned a lot in Kdrama there aren't many non koreans in Kdrama at all.

iwane35 2fat Tuesday, October 4, 2016

yeah it's a bit sad sometimes for an international fan ... but this is certainly because there is few foreigners in South Korea who speak fluently korean ...

2fat iwane35 Tuesday, October 4, 2016

It's also because there's no need to diversify. I think there are a lot of non koreans working in modelling and korean entertainment. I'd assume some of them speak the language. Certainly koreans speak and understand English better than the other way around. It's also not very acceptable with the older generation for koreans to marry outside of their nationality. Truth is statistically Asian Americans don't marry non asians much either. Especially the men.

iwane35 2fat Tuesday, October 4, 2016

you're right .... for the older generation marrying a foreigner is bad seen ... but after it depends of people ;) I think the reason is simpky because kdramas are first for korean people so there is no need to diversify as you said

2fat iwane35 Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Well that might change. Once kdrama conquers the Chinese market maybe they'll try to expand farther west. In order to do that they'll have to diversify a little.

MusicMuseRin Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I fell in love with this drama the first 10 mins I was watching it..Ji Cahng Wook is awesome ans so is the rest of the are torn between loving them and hating them.  I dont know if this will be as good as the Healer but I do know it will be better than Wind Whirl Girl pt2 .  I am looking forward to the upcoming episodes.

queenbeelove MusicMuseRin Tuesday, October 4, 2016

I'm watching Healer right now and its so good! If this drama has a similar feel to Healer hands down I'm watching this too (once all the episodes have aired)

MusicMuseRin queenbeelove Tuesday, October 4, 2016

the Healer is freaking awesome..I wont say more because I dont want to spoil it for you..but it is totally awesome :)

queenbeelove MusicMuseRin Tuesday, October 4, 2016

These days I was desperately looking for a drama to watch and I knew about Healer last year but I just never got around watching it. I thought it would be similar to City Hunter which I did enjoy but... I wanted something more exciting between the leads. I didn't even finish Cinderella and 4 knights because if its remotely uninteresting I just wont finish it. I was finally like OK LETS DO THIS TIME FOR HEALER lol lets give it a shot if its just a thriller like City Hunter I just won't finish. OML Healer since the first episode I've been hooked! Already on episode 11 and I only started 2 days ago! Just wow.. I have huge expectations I read dozens if reviews before starting a drama so.. I hope The K2 can be just as awesome *cross my fingers*

beautiful_flower Tuesday, October 4, 2016


The End



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