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[Drama Review] 'The K2' - Episode 10

By AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, October 25, 2016   21,201   2,999   0



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"Say what?!" That is how I am opening this review because episode 10 was absolutely jaw-dropping! 'The K2' just keeps getting better as it nears the end. If the remaining episodes continue down this track, 'The K2' will become a top drama in my book.

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While episode 9 left off with Je Ha and Anna standing on opposite sides of her bedroom door wondering what the other was doing, they were quick to get back on their walkie talkies and continue their awkward yet adorable flirting. While many were expecting a rush or bigger initiative than just a sweet "good night" and unexpected hug, I liked that this drama took its time. Relationships take time so it really crafts a more realistic setting for the two.

Episode 10 contained an excellent mix and build of emotional turmoil, romance and humor. J4 and Anna really develop a unique friendship, and it is hilarious to see J4 introducing Anna into the world of boys and flirting. While J4 did Anna's makeup in utter J4 fashion, Anna is simply enjoying the fact that she has a sense of belonging. How can viewers not enjoy that? 

My typical night at a slumber party! Magic Makeup Hour!

I just love Je Ha's initial "What is this?" reaction to her "selfie" she had J4 take of her though. He is such a man's man and that makes their relationship more dynamic. It isn't cluttered by today's methods or ideals for dating as they are both clueless about how to act on it.

YoonA thinking deeply if Ji Chang Wook had kimchi for breakfast.

But it wasn't the cute selfies with makeup that won over Je Ha, it was Anna's wholesome, dependant nature. Which is what triggers the awe-evoking scene where he puts a blanket over her when she is scared to enter the safe house. As they slowly walk together under it, my heart was racing fast as they were so close, confined, and creating awkward chit chat. As always, 'The K2' keeps you on your toes and loves teasing your emotions, but this emotional rollercoaster finally came to a stop as they kissed! (YAASSS!!!!)

Finally 'The K2' fulfills are desires as both Anna and Je Ha finally stare each other in the eyes and kiss! The moment the drama's theme song started playing, I knew the romance was finally set in stone. It is just hilarious that they decided to kiss under a blanket, in the living room, while all the agents were around to see them. 

 My expression right when they kissed!!!

I'm simply delighted the drama took the time to address their romantic feelings appropriately and made viewers escape the distress and dire situation at hand. It only took 10 episodes, but it was well worth the wait.

In regards to the turmoil, you can see that both Anna and Je Ha have found comfort in each other and they worry about the other's condition always. Anna knows Je Ha has been sent on a life-or-death mission he may not come back from all because of her. However, I feel this mission doesn't involve Anna as much as she and Je Ha would like to believe. 

Although Je Ha makes the condition with Choi Yoo Jin to have her leave Anna and the people she loves alone, it all comes down to the presidency and domination over Park Gwan Soo. In the end, Choi Yoo Jin is still getting what she wants, whether Je Ha lives or not.

I nearly cried when she whimpered, "Gajima (Don't Go!)."

Before going any further, can we all agree that I called it in my earlier reviews that chief secretary Kim Dong Mi would be more of a threat than 'The K2' led her on to be? The fact that she hired a group of thugs to take out their own men at J.S.S Security and bomb the photo studio Anna was in with nerve gas just to kill Je Ha was intense. 

I'm a bit disappointed as I had high hopes that Kim Dong Mi would be some sort of renegade fighter herself who had the means of taking out Je Ha by her own hands rather than going the Choi Yoo Jin route and hiring someone else to do it. I get she is the type to not get her hands dirty, but I really had higher expectations.

Still, Je Ha reigned supreme and beat up the thugs - but with a little help from Anna too! She actually saves his life at one point by hitting two knife-wielding thugs in the head with a fire extinguisher. Although they are both brought to their knees by the nerve gas. Luckily, K1 and J4 rush in at the knick of time to save them, but it is evident things are getting dangerous and Choi Yoo Jin won't leave Anna or Je Ha alone for a moment.

Now, Kim Dong Mi knows Je Ha will stop at nothing to put her shenanigans to rest. Je Ha promises Choi Yoo Jin that he will kill Park Gwan Soo but he also wants Kim Dong Mi's head. Knowing Je Ha will succeed, Kim Dong Mi sets the stakes a little higher by turning the J.S.S Security team against Je Ha with orders to kill him during the mission. Je Ha will have a lot of blood on his hands in episode 11 - if he makes it out alive that is.


But let's return to the demise of Choi Yoo Jin. That interview was the most jaw-dropping moment of this entire episode. The anticipation of the kiss became nothing in comparison to the intense build up from Choi Yoo Jin's live interview with Ji Yeon. 

While it is still unclear as to what past these two ladies share or how Ji Yeon's son is involved, Ji Yeon definitely gave Choi Yoo Jin the sucker punch of a lifetime with the unscripted stunt she pulled. 

Not only did she have Choi Yoo Jin breaking out in sweat, but Ji Yeon also staged a few unscripted questions for her to answer wrong and even invited a special guest to the stage - Anna! The whirlwind of drama that happened in those 10 minutes was not to be believed. Anna has now become a double-edged sword for Choi Yoo Jin.

This was the results of J4's makeup moment, by the way.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but are viewers also suddenly wondering if Choi Yoo Jin has some sort of heart condition or illness as she stumbles into her dressing room clenching her heart from time to time? 'The K2' has a lot of meticulous details that can't go unnoticed. The smallest things lead to bigger impacts in this drama. 

What I'm continuing to notice is that people fear Choi Yoo Jin, especially the ones she keeps close to her, but fear also comes with hate. The minute these people are given the opportunity, they jump on the bandwagon to go against her or even destroy her. Many start to question what makes Kim Dong Mi so loyal?

Many are also wondering what is happening with Jang Se Joon? His character went a little under the radar during episodes 9-10, but with reason. While he was in hiding during a staged "on-going investigation," the tides turned against him. 

Park Gwan Soo took this time to win over many new councilmen, chairmen and politicians and now the investigation has been extended (not according to Jang Se Joon's plans) and it has many wondering what exactly is going on and if these investigators can even be trusted. 

Despite the fake files given from Choi Yoo Jin about Jang Se Joon, the investigators must have some involvement in Park Gwan Soon's mysterious "trump card." We can only wait and find out in episode 11 this weekend!






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kdrfarlanxz Wednesday, October 26, 2016

the k2 is slaying!!!

kdrfarlanxz Wednesday, October 26, 2016

the k2 is one of the BEST dramas of Asia.

beautiful_flower Wednesday, October 26, 2016

scream loudly !!! BEST DRAMA EVER !!!

nymeria24 Wednesday, October 26, 2016

i still can't  watch this i have been busy BUT, i get to see a video on I.G. how they practiced the kissing scene on the park and wow i felt so much chemistry between those two and Yoona was on flirting mode. love it

kdrfarlanxz nymeria24 Wednesday, October 26, 2016

kisssing scene in the park? :) that was a CPR, lol not kiss. hehehe . yoona was not on flirting, she was just laughing because ji chang wook did not know how to make a cpr and almost gave her a kiss. lmaooooo! i like their honesty, therefore tbh, Yoona and Ji chang wook as professional actress/actor can be so connected is a real treat for us to watch. both are just working very good. their chemistry is good as co.workers during filming, ...i believe that they are not close in real life, they are just good co-workers.

kdrfarlanxz nymeria24 Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I do not see flirting mode, I see Yoona is very kind, CHEERFUL and friendly to everyone as always, not just with ji chang wook. i read that the staff and the cast always feeling very happy around her. Actually Yoona is more focused on work.

kdrfarlanxz nymeria24 Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yoona is more focused on her work&projects. she is very kind with all persons.

kdrfarlanxz Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Yoona and Ji chang wook are focused at work, both are working as a good team. they do not try to be dating in real life, just in fiction for thek2. Yoona have a next project with siwan, therefore she will be focused in that new project and her other more projects after finishing thek2, while ji chang wook will go to military service therefore He must to be focused on his work and spend more time with his fans, friends and family before going to military service. I do not think they meet again after this drama. ofc i like their acting and great chemistry and job for thek2. their chemistry is so natural, I am shipping Anna& Jeha in fiction, not in real life. because I am shipping Yoona with My male bias for real life hehehe ;)

onlyoona530 Wednesday, October 26, 2016

this kdrama is carching my heart, the cast is great, good job team thek2 <3♥ My goddess Yoona so pretty and talented, I am so proud of her. <3♥ so innocent couple: Anna & Jeha! nice :)

luvexoshidae Wednesday, October 26, 2016

I don't know why but i have a feeling that jeha is choi yoo jin's  long lost son and the reason why i feel like this is:1) In episode 9 yoo jin said to jeha that "if all the wrongdoers in the world are park gwan soo and the victims are raniya then i was a raniya too and my father a park gwan soo". This lead me to thing that yoo jin got pregnant before marriage and her father took her son away from her and kicked her out of the family.2) The way yoo jin said to jeha that"'if you find yourself in dangerous situation it's okay if you just come back".i think yoo jin said that because she wants to see her son alive. she is not usually the type of person who says this type of things".3) During the interview jiyeon asked yoo jin that "will my son end up being seprated from his mother and be forced to wander alone for 10 years". i think jiyeon knows more abot yoo jin's past than any of us thinks.4) In episode 3 yoo jin asks dong mi to take jeha to hospital saying that "we cannot let him die" which dong mi replies saying "yes.we know that madam" and choi yoo jin's inner thoughts are shown as she says "you don't know" in a weak voice.I noted all these things because every little detail in the story is important. so i really think that jeha is her son.but overall i like the way the drama is going.

kimenri Wednesday, October 26, 2016

the kiss is omfg <3 i really shipped them hard (i dont mind if they announced they dating<3)am i the only one that likes choi yoojin character?? the way she act and protray the character, but instead i hate the kim dong mi.....

zikzinyshikshin Tuesday, October 25, 2016

this kdrama is really GREAT! Queen Yoona 'Anna' and Ji chang wook'Jeha' so GREAT actors, their chemistry so awesome. i really love Anna & Jeha,

zikzinyshikshin Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I love Anna and Jeha in fiction, they are doing a good job, .... but i love Yoona & Jang keun suk in real life.

yoonburning Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I was smiling like crazy watching the interaction between Anna & Jeha. Young lovers.. ahhh~~~But, it's a little disappointing that they decided to just kill Park Kwan Soo, instead of cleverly taking him down. But oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

xryblsdest Tuesday, October 25, 2016

goddess Yoona is so freak*ng Beautiful and great actress! the kiss scene is epic! thek2 drama is Daebak~~

roxanlizy Tuesday, October 25, 2016

BRAVO!~~ Anna&JeHa!! fighting!!

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