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[Drama Review] 'Doctors' - Episode 13

By eric_r_wirsing   Tuesday, August 2, 2016   19,241   3,959   6



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"I don't always do magic in surgery, but when I do I make organs vanish!"

The snack delivery guy has a kid with a limp, Nam Dal, so the other docs set up a consultation with Ji Hong.  In the directors' meeting, Myeong Hoon backhandedly praises Tae Ho for increasing the revenue for the neurology department. Meanwhile, Seo Woo and Yoon Do figure out Nam Dal's brother has a tumor which makes him laugh near constantly. Kang Soo gets a call from a show that wants to do a feature based around the real-life inspiration for his webtoon "Gangster Doctor." Hye Jung is railroaded into doing it by Myeong Hoon, but Tae Ho reassures her. Eventually, the kids' surgeries are successful, but dad worries how he's going to pay. Seo Woo aches for Yoon Do while Ji Hong and Hye Jung continue dating...

Paying for surgeries is hard. South Korea enjoys universal healthcare but it may not cover everything. Obviously not if this man is struggling to pay for two surgeries. I'm not sure what the penalties are if they simply don't pay. Here in the U.S. they bill you and tell you upfront that nonpayment could mean a denial of service until you do pay, which could be punishing if you require long-term care. None of this answers my one, burning question: do doctors in South Korea take classes to write illegibly as American doctors do?

He can't stand the sight of blood, so he performs his duties with eyes closed...

It's good that Hye Jung and Ji Hong have decided to talk things over and figure their romance out. They're good together, but each of them needs to be upfront about what they want, and not throw a fit when the other doesn't match up. You can't play a game if you don't know the rules. They seem to laugh easily. And I think he's a great exception to her dark past. I love a good OTP, and these two fit the bill nicely.

I think it's hilarious that Kang Soo is developing a webtoon based around Hye Jung. It's like art imitating life imitating art, as this was a webtoon itself before becoming a drama. Thing is, we can't read it to figure out how accurate it is, but in the mythos of the show it's really taking off. I wondered if there were going to be any consequences for this -- and now we know!  Makes me want to scare up the original and take a look.

He just now heard that Santa Claus isn't real...

I thought the explanation of the tumor causing laughing fits was interesting. I'm not a doctor (I don't even play one on TV), but I wonder how medically accurate it is. If that's possible, I wonder if that would be a good explanation for Batman's arch-nemesis, the Joker. Would his uncontrollable laughter be a side effect of the tumor, as well as his madness? These are things that keep me awake at night. ;)

This episode was quite well done. It was quietly fun, just a day in the life. It seems the struggles are far less physical and more of cunning than anything. I want to see Ji Hong and Tae Ho make their move and give Myeong Hoon no choice other than to resign. But this episode was still interesting. We got more into people's heads, figuring out more about these people that inhabit our living rooms for an hour twice a week.




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CDOCOOLS Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Regarding, the diagnosis of the diseases and illnesses in the drama I have heard and read from fellow doctors and nurses they are pretty accurate.. I'm actually following an account were the give detailed and thorough explanations of all the medical cases in the drama.. That account focuses on medical aspect and for a moment it makes me forget that there is more to drama than just medicine.

NYC_sunbae CDOCOOLS Wednesday, August 3, 2016

what account is this?

CDOCOOLS Tuesday, August 2, 2016

I used to work at a Pharmacy and some doctors do have horrible handwriting, sometimes  they had to call the doctor's office/clinic to verify the prescription, but a handwritten prescription are becoming less used, mostly all hospitals and doctors give out a printed rx now.

BAPopular15 Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Does anybody know the song that starts at 51:11 in this episode? When Hye Jung is operating on that kid by the end. I cannot find it anywhere and I love it so much! Thanks!

CDOCOOLS BAPopular15 Tuesday, August 2, 2016

[OFFICIAL MV] SE O - SunShower [Doctors OST Part 4] [SBS 드라마 닥터스 OST]

BAPopular15 CDOCOOLS Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Thank you! But is not the song i am looking for, This is a different one. :(

The End




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