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G-Friend talk about their strengths and what they need

By alim17   Tuesday, July 12, 2016   15,936   3,205   17



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G-Friend talked about their merits and the things they need during their showcase for 'L.O.L' on July 11!

Sowon said, "It'd be a lie to say that we didn't feel burdened ahead of the album release. It's the result of the hard work and reliance among the six of us as well as the staff members, the good song, and choreography."

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Regarding their strengths, Sowon said, "The teamwork in our group is extremely good. When you gather women and have them live together, they could fight a lot, but our unity is very good, and we can talk about things like that with confidence."

They were also asked what each person needs, and SinB said, "In-ear," referring to headphones. Yuju explained, "Our group has a lot of problems with in-ears." Umji added, "Because it's a time when stamina is depleted, I feel like we need stamina," while Eunha said, "We need our fans' spirited support."

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federick Tuesday, July 12, 2016

They just need ME.

ROXX25 Tuesday, July 12, 2016


strawberry_ave Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Before you comment:1. Are you going to be immature? If so, leave 2. Do you like Gfriend? If not, leave3. Are you here just to insult them? If so, leave4. Do you have something constructive or supporting to say? If so, stay ^_^~Think before you comment~

shanty Tuesday, July 12, 2016

charlie_d Tuesday, July 12, 2016

They  need to be original maybe? XD

youTaeyeonOMG Tuesday, July 12, 2016

all they need to do is keep falling down again and again on the stage, never stop until legs are broken, to get rich and famous isn't that easy, but all the kpop fans need is puking becoz the trick of G-Friend's performance is too disgusting !

IGOTBUDDIES youTaeyeonOMG Tuesday, July 12, 2016

but still, deep down inside they're MATTER to you. That's why you're here right?

axeloktarino youTaeyeonOMG Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Please do record yourself falling down again and again on the stage, never stop until legs are broken and see if you will top the charts and getting more popularity. Maybe if you do it we will believe you?

Leila_ssss Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I think what they need is a rap for Sowon to shine too. Also, if you guys listen to Glass Bead then Navillera, it's actually really different showing that they had changed. Since we listened as they transitioned, it all sounds the same. But when you put their debut and latest, it's different from each other. Since they're focusing on concepts that show who they are at their time and age, this suits them perfectly. Their music changes slowly like how they change slowly in real life. It just sounds the same because of their voices and auras they give off. Give it time, in another time you'll be watching their debut and latest and there's a huge chance you'll see how much they've changed and grown. And let's be honest, their title track is actually pretty clever this time. Basing it off on a book and everything about moving to a new planet and starting a new (the book it was based) is actually in the song. It's like them saying that they want to change and start a new fresh page in their story.

Calamity10 Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Since theyre talking about what they need. I suggest this-Well, others also agree that their song is also similar with their previous songs. In short, Navillera was made by recycling their previous songs(rough, glassbead etc.) which they made by recycling other groups concepts etc like Apink and GG, and adding again other recycled concepts etc from other groups like Apink, OMG (skaters and the outfit), Infinite (intro song) so that nobody will noticed that it is full of copied outfit etc. and will feel that its like their own song? Then again others will say that they were INSPIRED from the other groups, you just changed the copycat into INSPIRED word to make it beautiful to hear. They should change for good, something new not always innocent concept that will make you look Apink 2.0, so that they wont be group without backbone copying other groups. Well, I also think that they will get some trophies because the other groups in the house are not that popular I think except WG, B2ST (I think theyre quite also popular), Seventeen, Taeyon (which still winning) and Sistar that will soon have a goodbye stage. So I think you get what I want to say. Be understanding in every term i wrote; which is also a fact, especially to those buddies who will read. So that they come back with something new.

IGOTBUDDIES Calamity10 Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Well, first of all, a concept can't be recycled cuz it is free to be used by just anybody in the music industry. Not only kpop! Please tell me a SPECIFIC concept that WOULDN'T be called a 'copy'.. Up to this point, EVERY SINGLE THING a new girl group does will be called plagiarism.. why? because they decided to use a certain CONCEPT. & Even if they did an ALIEN concept, they'd be called out for copying 2NE1. Oh My Girl got called out for having the same outfits as GG's GEE, Twice got called out for having the same outfits as GG's Oh.. I mean, think about how ridiculous it would be if ALL future groups just get called out for plagiarising. Soon, people will have to wear sand or fur or something and make a 'poop' concept cuz they don't wan't to COPY past styles/concepts. I swear, this 'concept copy' thing is made such a big deal in kpop when it's actually a typical thing that ISN'T even wrong to be used over and over again by ANYONE. Secondly, they are not completely copying others. If what they are, are all 'copies' of others, how is it possible that there are groups that are called out for COPYING GFRIEND? If everything they do is all from copying, people should point out that a certain group is copying GG/APINK (for instance) & NOT GF...but no, people say " xxx copied GF" Why? because GF has established their own signature sound & moves. it COULD be possible that the same person who created that song, helped create this song as well. Like the group DIA used GF's composer and had the same sound, but were called out for 'copying'. OR it could be just pure coincidence. Like how beyonce's 'halo' had the same intro sound as Kelly's 'already gone'..but both were released at the same moment.. Thirdly, EXO, BTS, EXID, SISTAR etc.. all these known groups have been called out for having hits with the same sound. Lemme ask u, is it WRONG? If their fans already like something of theirs, why change or try something that's NOT THEIRS? It's like, people who like country music will keep on loving a certain country artist no matter how many country songs they sing. Get it? If u don't like country, u don't HAVE to listen to it or make judgments about it. u question everyone who doesn't have the same music genre interest as you? But because this is kpop right..& people expect idols to always have changing 'concepts'..but then, they get bashed for COPYING A CONCEPT. LOL. do u see how ridiculous this is?

IGOTBUDDIES Tuesday, July 12, 2016

this is?

IGOTBUDDIES Calamity10 Tuesday, July 12, 2016

I understand if ur judging GF cuz u don't get the hype of them. I didn't get the hype of why people like twice so much at first. My brother & sister stans twice (even before i started stanning GF) & even though i questioned "what is so special about twice" i still didn't try looking for their faults & tried bringing them down. I think every group has a reason as to how they're able to become so extraordinarily famous than other groups. Some were exposed in a reality show before debuting that let people see idols as normal humans & some were exposed in a viral video that made people gain respect, thus becoming a fan. But these groups were destined to shine better than the rest. You can't make them any less popular by judging them. That'd be all in vain.

IGOTBUDDIES Calamity10 Tuesday, July 12, 2016

As for GF winning, i thought the same about twice as well. Even though i didn't think 'cheer up' was a great song i knew from the beginning that they were gonna win a lot.. just because of who they are. It's not about the song/concept/style anymore. Even though there are many more songs that are better than the top trending idol group's song (like twice & GF), the winner will always be the groups that are trending. But i guess that can't be helped. I don't wanna hope for GF to grab all the wins like they did before..because i know how other fandoms (who have no interest in GF) are gonna react. I'd rather they go back to become nugus so that people stop bashing them.

OliverQueen Calamity10 Tuesday, July 12, 2016

haha...they said that the chaser same with navillera in the intro,but i thought that's not same,also that you must know that both of them is the same producer that compose their song,u can't just said that they copy their song or whatever you's just the coincidence if the beat or the tempo is same

OliverQueen IGOTBUDDIES Tuesday, July 12, 2016

that's right...also that you guys must know the meaning of GOLDEN SPOON (SM,JYP,YG) Red Velvet and TWICE... i won't be surprised if both of them winning or what especially for TWICE who is conquered kpop charts with their CHEER UP,that is because of their label..but look at GF,despite their label is so small and nobody compare to GOLDEN SPOON but with their rough they can streak until 15th win and i believe navillera can stay 1st at charts..those who said that they plagiarism others group,they just envious of GF...FIGHTING GFRIEND!!!

outofjams Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We will always support you girls~ buddys love you sooooo much. G-FRIEND FIGHTING!

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