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Posted by jubilantj115 pts Friday, May 27, 2016

Netizens question the validity of AOA's win on 'Music Bank' for 'Good Luck'

The recent episode of 'Music Bank' has netizens in an uproar, specifically over the seemingly unfair way points were calculated.

On this episode, Jessica had placed first in album sales with nearly 40,000 copies sold,AOA came in second with a little over 20,000 copies sold, and MONSTA X came in third with a little under 20,000.

Despite Jessica's album selling nearly double that of AOA's, the aggregate score between the artists came down to a mere 300-point difference. Jessica's points totaled 1,900 while AOA's points totaled 1,600. Meanwhile, MONSTA X, who came very close to AOA's album sales, scored 700 points below AOA, their total score equaling 900.

This discrepancy in total score has netizens in an outrage, as they believe the points were calculated unfairly. Apparently, people are claiming AOA should have gotten 1,060 instead of 1,600 points for the album sales, and are accusing 'Music Bank' of manipulating scores for their win, although it could, of course, just be an error. People are also suspecting foul play in AOA's previous music show wins.

Netizens wrote, "There is a 20,000 difference in album sales between Jessica and AOA but AOA's score is 1,600 and MONSTA X's album sales are only 1,000 below AOA's but the points difference is 700 lololololol,""The first place contenders were Jessica and

TWICE but this is really unbelievable lolololol,""They manipulated the points just enough to beat TWICE," and more.

What do you think about this controversy?

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