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Is defending champ Sandeul able to win for the third time on 'Duet Song Festival'?

By alim17   Friday, May 20, 2016   8,754   460   25



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Who won on the May 20 installment of MBC's 'Duet Song Festival'?  Today's episode featured the return of a previous winner, B1A4's Sandeul, who had been unable to make last week's recording because of his schedule - but he's back now!

Last week's duo that was voted as the pair audience most wanted to see again was Changmin and Jun Gun Ho who performed Lee Sun Hee's "Meet Him Among Them" for 404 points.  After that was Son Seung Yeon and Jo Ye In's performance of 2NE1's "Ugly" which earned them the first spot with 411 points!  

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The current first place pair then chose Lee Suk Hoon and Lee So Ri to go next.  The two did a beautiful and powerful rendition of Jang Hye Jin's "To Me," earning them the first spot with 427 points!  Lee So Ri was touched to tears.

Then were VIXX's Ken and Choi Sang Yeop, the duo that won last week while reigning duo was absent due to Sandeul's schedule.  The two performed Kim Gun Mo's "Seoul's Moon," but were unable to take first place.  They had to take second due to a 3-point difference.  The two shed tears as they relayed their gratitude for each other.

Next was Jung In and Ahn Byung Min performing Girls' Generation's "Party."  They got 420 points, unable to take the first place spot.  Following was B1A4's Sandeul and Jo Sun Young who won two weeks ago!  They performed Jeon Ram Hee's "Memory's Etude," and succeeded in defending their crown with 429 points!  This makes it their third win.  As for the duo audience wanted to see again, Lee Suk Hoon's team was chosen.

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Arisa0906 Saturday, May 21, 2016

I legit had a breakdown last night. Hopefully I'll see more Ken x Sangyeob interaction in the future. Just wish Jelpi will take him in or something >< I'm so attached to their vocals harmonize together sobs. It's been 5 blessing weeks, I'm still glad nevertheless.

SxblueSJ Saturday, May 21, 2016

ken always got 2, 3 points behind the 1st...

federick Saturday, May 21, 2016

They are the perfect match! They both have crystal clear voice and similar singing techniques. Keep making us proud Sandeul!

nq16 Friday, May 20, 2016

Am I the only one that's confused how Sandeul keeps winning? Personally, I find his vocal style quite bland/plain. A lot of other singers are able to hold notes for a long time. In my opinion, a very good vocalist is able to manipulate/alter their voice and reach a wide variety of notes. Sandeul seems to only stick in one vocal range. His previous stages also had a lot of mistakes and weren't nearly as good as some of the other contestants. Maybe it's because I'm used to a Westernized style of singing but if he performed in USA, a lot of people would think his singing is plain. No disrespect though, he's definitely one of the best vocalists I've ever heard but I also think he's a bit overhyped. I have a feeling the crowd probably has a lot of B1A4 fans only voting for him (which I think is a little unfair).

kitteauaena nq16 Friday, May 20, 2016

Sandeul is one of the best kpop vocalists next to KRY. Look at his analysis on kpopvocalanalysis. Also check him out on Masked King and Immortal Song.

pijaellize nq16 Friday, May 20, 2016

Sandeul win doesn't had anything to do with B1A4 fans . Most of their fans is teenager and the the one who attend Duet Festival is around 20+ .It should be benefit for Ken instead. You probably never see Sandeul other stage .He had a lot of vocal range and can reach higher note than what he show in Duet Festival and what wrong with overhyped in the show ? It not like he go there and went "hey look at me,Im the winner" imo the show would be all serious without him

wohenhao Friday, May 20, 2016

Fortunately the ones who vote are Koreans who don't find his singing plain

wohenhao Friday, May 20, 2016

Fortunately the ones who vote are Koreans who don't find his singing plain

eemgee nq16 Saturday, May 21, 2016

first, nope, he's not overhyped. He's not treated as an underdog either, Sandeul has gained the respect of people and his co-singers for his skill. Second, I always notice this when he sings, he sacrifices the flare and flamboyance to delivering the true meaning of the song he sings. He don't go up there to impress, he sings to tell a story and to convey what the song is about. An immortal song episode before talks about he was so restless he can't understand the song lyrics well since he didn't have the experience of getting back with someone after break up, he actually needed the help of Ali to fully understand the song. And it brought him 3consecutive wins. That is what I think the audience Heard in him, sincerity over showing-off. Which I think is almost non-exsistent to kpop until Sandeul debuted.

federick nq16 Saturday, May 21, 2016

you must have a plain and bald ears

aliceime54 eemgee Saturday, May 21, 2016

You totally described what I feel. That Sandeul worked hard to be recognized and break the idol image, that his technique is one of the best, that he truly want to understand and sing what he feel and deliver it to the others. Sometimes I feel like other idols are singing just clique to show hos great they sing but without emotions, or just pretending. But Sandeul it's different. For others: please don't be angry or bored or what that he is winning. He deserves it. It's not about fame. It's about him to deliver all these emotions to much nore people.

nq16 kitteauaena Saturday, May 21, 2016

I know and I admit he's a good singer but his technique doesn't seem to be as good as other singers. If you watch Lee Suk Hoon's stage, there's a big difference in skill. Again, this is all my opinion, which means its neither wrong or right.

nq16 pijaellize Saturday, May 21, 2016

Actually, I saw a picture on Naver where four B1A4 fans attended a shooting and they took a picture together. That's the only reason I suspect a bit of foul play. Imagine if someone from BTS or EXO (two of the groups with the largest fandoms) joined and kept winning on this show. Wouldn't you think that's unfair to the other competitors?

nq16 eemgee Saturday, May 21, 2016

First of all, you have a right to your opinion just as I have a right to my own opinion. We agree to disagree. Sandeul may be the best idol singer we've heard but I don't think he's as good as the non-idols on this show. What you see is him "conveying emotions" but I see that as "lack of technical skill". I'm not talking about this stage because Sandeul did really well this week. If he sang like this in the previous weeks I wouldn't say anything but his past stages had alot of mistakes and were not as good. In my opinion, Lee Suk Hoon should have won this week. You should watch the raw version of this weeks episode for their performance (because for some reason they didn't upload it on the MBC channel). So just to repeat, Sandeul did excellent this week but not that well (in my opinion) in his other two stages.

eemgee nq16 Saturday, May 21, 2016

really? He really did well on his Road performance tho. His first stage has some notes that can be better I can agree to that. but the other one was really great. It's how you see it so I won't argue anymore. But lack of technical skil, that I don't agree. I've watched him in a concert and recently in his Three Musketeers musical live and I can tell that he is far from being lacking. He totally owned that musical stage. He is far from that boy who cracked his voice singing Forgotten Season. I actually streamed the episode last night so I know what happened. Lee Seukhoon really did a good job, I actually think he will be the final winner but it doesn't mean that Sandeul doesn't deserve the win either.

ShinJiEun nq16 Saturday, May 21, 2016

@ nq16 Hey, of course everyone is entitle to their opinion and you can see Sandeul lacking from your own perspective, but I have to step in on the foul play. I attended the first episode of MBC Duet Song Festival with Sandeul on stage. In the audience might be around 600 people. Yes you are right, there are fans. MBC let's 15 fans per Person in. So at this time it was 15 for Sandeul, 15 for Defcon, 15 for Stephanie, 15 for Ken, 15 for Jung get the math. the Rest of the audience are as named before korean mostly +20 but all ages, who like to attend singing shows. So yes fans were it a foul play? How can it be if all fanclubs have the same choices. Another point is, the show is calles "Duet" Singer so the audience votes not only for Sandeul, but also for his amazing partner and them as a duet. And from hearing her live, she is really the best that I heard in this, apart from Ken's Partner, but we also saw them winning for weeks so it's deserved. As I sad, you can feel however you want about Sandeul, but please don't draw conclusions about voting, when you have not enough information about the organisation of this event. thank you.

SpaceWarrior nq16 Saturday, May 21, 2016

Hmmmm.... 1. "A lot of other singers are able to hold notes for a long time. In my opinion, a very good vocalist is able to manipulate/alter their voice and reach a wide variety of notes. Sandeul seems to only stick in one vocal range." Response: Sandeul can pull off a variety of styles (R&B, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Trot) but never prioritizes them over vocal technique. Sandeul's not the type to oversing, but he is very good at manipulating his voice and how he wants it to sound while minimizing vocal damage, Sandeul sings around Bb2/B2 to B4 usually in his performances and an occasional C5. Other than notes below C3 and above B4, it's optimal within the tenor range--the range he "only seems to stick in." While adding ornamentations, runs and singing like a Soprano (which for the health of his vocal cords, he shouldn't do anyway), Sandeul focuses on phrasing and dynamics to deliver the essence of the song's message. People in Western countries tend to prefer people who sing high + tons of runs so I can understand how some people might think Sandeul's style is plain or bland. 2. "His previous stages also had a lot of mistakes and weren't nearly as good as some of the other contestants." Response: No vocal performance is perfect. The only obvious mistake was his partner's voice crack in their first stage, but at least she kept going. And those kind of things happen to the best of singers. She was probably really nervous. Otherwise, other mistakes are seen in the technical standpoint, which not a lot of people really notice. And while there was some notes were a bit tense, a bit muddled, minimal strain in their stages, for Sandeul's team, that was really it. Their harmonizations and resonance were pretty much on point for the most part in all three stages. From a technical standpoint, other teams had worse and more obvious issues (Ex. Singing with a high larynx and strain throughout, for some even support was an issue) 3. "But I also think he's a bit overhyped" Response: If anything, Sandeul is hardly relevant to mainstream music or even the music industry in general. TVXQ's Changmin would be someone who is overhyped for his vocal skill. But not a lot of people recognize Sandeul's vocal talent. He really had to work hard in getting himself out there and has been respected for his vocal skill since 2012. 4. "I have a feeling the crowd probably has a lot of B1A4 fans only voting for him (which I think is a little unfair)." Response: ... This is a flawed generalization at best. There's really no way to prove this. There were probably fans that went to the recording, but that doesn't outright mean that there was a large crowd of BANA voting for him. 5. "What you see is him "conveying emotions" but I see that as "lack of technical skill"." Response: Some vocalists sacrifice technique for the sake of stylistic devices within the song. Because of the amount of vocal control that Sandeul has, it's more likely that he's doing it on purpose--which shows more technical skill in that he can manipulate his voice to sounding a different way more than lacking. Sandeul still has room for improvement, but he is in no way lacking in technical skill. I'm glad he's getting recognition, but he is better than people give him credit for.

happy_sepom SpaceWarrior Thursday, June 2, 2016

Thank you !! You nailed it!!!!!

SE123 nq16 Friday, June 24, 2016

Just adding information : there are many idol singers who participate in duet song festival. In which they have what you called "advantage", but look at the result, is it showing some kind of foul play?

SE123 nq16 Friday, June 24, 2016

It's like me questioning why some of the audience broke down into tears as they watched some performance. We, who doesn't speak korean, of course didn't catch the real meaning of the song, the emotion, but they (who watched them live and understand what they are singing) moved by the performance and thus making them voted.

Armyinthehouse Friday, May 20, 2016

I´m so glad right now... I always though of Sandeul as one of the greates korean singers out there, now everyone can see it.

kensshhii Friday, May 20, 2016

"DEFENDING CHAMP"Isn't they the team that won the previous episode??? . Isn't they the first pair who enter the show??? Isn't they the one who picked the pair that would start to sing???To the writer of this article. Are you watching the show before you write your article? I mean, come on! I love Sandeul's Team as well. But you're discrediting Ken's Team, who is the real "DEFENDING CHAMPION" , who won last episode, and who achieved the highest Score so far in the show. Sandeul's team wasn't able to defend their crown last week because of Sandeul's overseas' schedule.  I'm not overreacting or anything. I just don't want Ken and Sangyeop's rightful credit to be wasted. They worked hard last week to finally win and now you're saying that the other Team is the Defending Champ? Just get your facts straight. THANK YOU!

SpaceWarrior kensshhii Saturday, May 21, 2016

Technically, Sandeul is the defending champion because he's the only contestant to have an undefeated record from previous weeks. Sandeul's team has the right to be called reigning champions

YeonieVIXX Friday, May 20, 2016

Ken and his partners stage was absolutely fantastic! I'm totally blown away by Kens high notes! And those veins are just WOW!

insummer Friday, May 20, 2016

Aw, I will miss the silly interaction between Sandeul and Ken. It's so amazing to see the bond between the singer and the participant grows as time goes by. Those moments when the team members depend on each other on stage are so touching.

snikulf Friday, May 20, 2016

So happy for him. Seems like more Koreans are recognizing him for his vocals, and hopefully more international fans will realize what an amazing singer Sandeul is ^^ Congratulations Sandeul and Sunyoung, you guys are great !

kensshhii Friday, May 20, 2016


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