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Kahi reveals who was really the outcast in After School

By jubilantj   Tuesday, April 26, 2016   89,487   3,768   48



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Former After School member Kahi got honest about her time as the once leader of the girl group on the April 26 episode of 'Taxi.' 

The singer explained, "I didn't want to be friends with the members. I think I was determined to be a leader even though I may be viewed as a scary unnie." 

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Kahi then confessed, "I see that there are still articles about After School's outcast member. That outcasted member was me. That's really how it was.

Looks like she basically outcasted herself!

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hanalala102 (Banned) Wednesday, April 27, 2016

After School is the most creative girl group in Kpop...if only they have fixed member im sure they will become legend like other group...for all of girl group' song...After School's songs are the most replayed in my playlist..

hanalala102 (Banned) Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Well...she was one of brain of pledis...she trained all original member to debut..that time pledis didn't have money to hire trainer

pantz Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I see quite a few people saying that a good leader would be kind, nice and understanding. So, I just want to share a discussion I had with a professor in university.This professor gives leadership talks to corporate leaders worldwide. One day, I asked him, "What type of leader is the best leader?". He told me this. "I always tell this to people. It may be controversial to some but it is a reality that people have to remember. Sometimes a good leader is one that goes down hard and whacks people (not literally). People have different personalities and motivations. Some people, when they face difficulties and challenges, work hard when someone pats their back and tells them they can do it. And when they succeed, giving them another pat on their back makes them motivated to work even harder next time. However, some people, when you pat their backs, they fall asleep. It is easy to hate these leaders but these leaders can bring out the best in that person by going hard on them. Sure, they might not be liked at that moment. But it brings out success. And that is what matters. That success can help them in the future when they are in a different group and under a different leader. It is better for both the member and the leader on a long-term basis." Just thought I would share this to give a different perspective on what makes a good leader.

Zoeyxvx pantz Wednesday, April 27, 2016

preach, really. that's all i've gotta say. i totally agree.

BakaKaori Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tbh, idols don't need to become friends with their members. It's great if they do, but we as fans have to remember that they didn't chose their members. Their companies put them together and said these are the people you have to work with. But I don't think an idol should go out of their way to put distance between themselves and the other members. In Kahi's case, I understand leading is a hard position, but wouldn't it be easier to lead your team if they actually liked you rather than just seeing you as the scary unnie? I think a good leader would know how to balance being strict with also being fun.

vampire_captain BakaKaori Tuesday, April 26, 2016

actually Kahi handpicked the original members and trained them herself as preparations for their debut as the first generation of AS. I'm not too sure about the rest but I can tell there's not many (or is there even 1?) groups that the leader shoulders so much responsibilities. I haven't watched the show to begin with, but from what Allkpop has published in this article, it's pretty obvious she couldn't just be talking about this on the whole show

BakaKaori vampire_captain Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Thanks for letting me know that. I know nothing about AS, and just assumed they formed they way all other groups in the industry were formed.

girl_group_lover BakaKaori Wednesday, April 27, 2016

I've read some more thorough translations, she actually mentioned a bit more than what is said in this article. She said there was some friction between the original members and the newer members. And when she voiced that to the company, Pledis did not listen to her at all. She said Pledis told her to train all the new members that were added to the group. And she felt wronged because all she was trying to do was be a good leader but then those members went on TV and called her a scary unnie. So the friction continued on so she finally made the decision to leave the group.

jasonic Tuesday, April 26, 2016

"I didn’t want to act like friends with the members."Sorry, but that is your problem. That is the strongest bond you can make with a kpop group, and it's the main reason why some stick together for a long time, while others don't. Originally I had sympathy for her when it seemed she was having a hard time when she left the group, but not so much anymore. I understand the frustration when you don't want other members added, but when it does happen it doesn't mean you should put them in an awkward place with you. Just being a "good" leader isn't just about leading in telling fellow members what to do and helping them to train or whatever, it's also befriending them to help each other get through the tough times together. Things don't always go in your favor in life, and thats just tough rocks. Kahi seems just whiny and arrogant. Have a good life with your new rich husband.

itsjason jasonic Tuesday, April 26, 2016

AKP only posted part of the story. Scroll down a bit and someone posted the full translation. AKP is taking this out of context.

jasonic itsjason Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I read the full thing, and I stick by what I said. In fact what I said is copy and pasted from my comment I originally made on the soompi article. "I would always teach the new members when they came in, but they would just go on air and call me scary." What, just because of this part of the quote? She said she would teach the members, but never said she would befriend them. There is a reason they said she was scary, because you can teach without being friendly.

Sophia_Sone4ever Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tho AF concept was great for fans and is a new and unique concept but it's actually trigger inside conflict among members . It's might be uncomfortable for the past members and etc etc

krell Tuesday, April 26, 2016

KAHI Slideshow (Musical "Murder Ballad" ; Jan. 2016) --> ... http :// osen . mt . co. kr/photo/slide_view/1722?type=entertainment

krell Tuesday, April 26, 2016

KAHI ("Muscle Queen Project" ; Feb. 2016) --> ...

Cherry_Peche Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I also think both AS and Kahi were at fault :/

Cherry_Peche Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I'm not really a hardcore fan, but the way I see it, Kahi was focused on being the leader, and it wasn't really that she didn't have ANY friends in AS, but conflicts were created with many of the new members. Her friends, the originals left, and she worked differently and had different views and work ethics then the younger members. I don't think she hated AS, but she didn't see them as friends but coworkers, especially with the age gap. And she never said she wasn't friends with ANY of AS. I guess this just changed my view just in a different way on both Kahi and AS.

Cherry_Peche Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Soompi - After School originally started with five members. However, as the members increased, some of the original members started to get upset. Despite the continued conflict, the company did not listen to me. I would always teach the new members when they came in, but they would just go on air and call me scary. I had no one on my side. I, too, am a woman and a part of the company,” she adds. “That’s why I decided to leave. I once said on air that there’s an outsider in the group, and that outsider was actually me, Kahi goes on to say. “I didn’t want to act like friends with the members. I wanted to perform my role as a leader correctly.

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