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B2ST fans lash out at Hyunseung following news of his leave

By yckim124   Wednesday, April 20, 2016   68,501   6,041   229



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Hyunseung has officially left B2ST, and fans are reacting aggressively.

B2ST fans were already greatly disappointed by Hyunseung's alleged careless actions, and some even turned their backs on him. Currently, many self-labeled B2ST fans are lashing out in disappointment, anger, and hatred following the news of his departure. 

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One netizen, who claimed to be a great fan of B2ST, shared thoughts on an online community, writing, "If you were going to leave, you should've left quickly. Why didn't you leave the past 8 years? B2ST is a well-known popular group. I can't even imagine how greatly this is going to affect them... So f***ing annoyed. You are a burden. When you got eliminated from Big Bang, Yoseob brought you to Cube Entertainment, and you were able to debut. Then you should have lived thanking Yoseob for the rest of your life. You crazy f***."

Other B2ST fans showed strong agreement as they commented, "Don't you dare mention B2ST's name from now on. Don't be selling their name for your benefit. Also, don't think that Beauty will cheer you on. Live happily with your party buddies. Thanks for leaving B2ST. It would've been better if you left earlier," "I was a fan from debut, but whatever, live happily.. I used to love you such much you b**** ," "You are now going to suffer and realize how greatly B2ST affected the degree of your popularity," etc.

The criticism towards Hyunseung is brutal. What do you think about the reaction?

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Aki_Kagami Sunday, May 1, 2016

I don't understand why people are lashing out. It was his decision to leave, and we all saw it coming. Netizens can so ridiculous sometimes....

junxxmin Friday, April 22, 2016

I can't believe some people neglect the fact that he's human, he has feelings, and his life is just as complex as their own. When people do something wrong they get offended as others give them criticism but that's because they judge themselves based on their virtues and motives yet people are so quick to judge him by his actions even if they know nothing of his personal life or his background. Like how he's never been the same since his father passed away and yeah it might have been 4 years ago but it was so sudden and shocking and you don't just recover from that... besides in 2012 it was when they were riding out that high of their popularity, going on tours, albums, you think he had proper time to see his family? And then suddenly his father passes away it could take years for him to cope, he was freaking 22, idk about you but in many ways that's pretty young most people see their fathers alive until at least 30, espcially in a developed country like South Korea where health care is so great. I'm not saying his life totally went completely down hill from there but at that point (i mean i don't know him personally) but i'd be pretty sick of doing anything but did cube give him a break? And don't give me bs like "he's done nothing for the group" he's a strong vocal and a great dancer he's literally started from this group ever since they were called "recycle groups", he's done fairly well on variety with his 4Dness. It's just so scary how one can stop loving him as a person just because of his mistakes, there have been people who have fallen asleep completely during filming but you pass them off as cute or tired, you think he's not tired? Every little thing he does netizens try to curse at him for it, it's sick. I could honestly go on for hours but this comment's already too long....

fathyekyo00 Thursday, April 21, 2016

I am a fan of b2st but ever since, I've liked this member the least. In all the variety shows that I've seen with all the members in it, he seems quite aloof and doesn't interact with the others as much. Back then, I thought that was just his 'image' in the group (e.g. Gikwang is the blank one, Junhyung is the guy with 'swag', etc..)Then I went ahead to check some of his social media accounts, and was a bit disappointed to find that he didn't follow any of his members, and yet, he has followed every single BigBang member. Now, normally, I wouldn't put much weight into this, but knowing that Hyunseung was supposed to debut in that group puts the matter in a different perspective. Was he really that hung up on Bigbang that he couldn't even accept his B2ST members? I remember one comment Dujoon made during 'B2ST Showtime', there was a part where each member was asked about something that they wanted to know (or a superpower, I think... I can't remember it exactly) and Dujoon said that he wished he knew what Hyunseung was thinking about because he was always distant. Then, the rumors came out that Hyunseung didn't participate in their fanmeets anymore, instead, he chose to flirt in a cafe. That was when I started to think that maybe, it would be better if he would just leave the group. Since it looked like he wasn't happy with them anyway. So yeah, in short, I was not really surprised when the news finally came out that he has left the group. Good riddance, and good luck, Hyunseung.

thegrayedtruth Thursday, April 21, 2016

Like as if I'm going to believe that these bashers are real B2UTYs. These so-called fans are just bunch of losers and low-lifers and will never ever gonna be promoted to the category, "humans".

imani93 Thursday, April 21, 2016

When fans turned to haters. I wonder if they actually the fans? So sad. How could you said tht words to the man suppose to be your idol? I wonder if he leave beast because the pressure of the fans? Before this Inalways said Beauty is very nice fandom,no war. But now..but i knew it's not all of them but those who are immature. Because those immature fans,whole fandom got the bad name.

Rys Thursday, April 21, 2016

isn't that what they wanted......?

abby_music_99 Rys Sunday, May 1, 2016

exactly what i thought! I swear they BEGGED him to leave!?

federick Thursday, April 21, 2016

Leave him alone

lemonchiffon143 Thursday, April 21, 2016

This is really sad. It goes to show you just how fleeting and fickle a fans love can be. As long as these idols are following what their fans want to the letter they shower them with love and adoration. But if they ever want to do something for themselves? Fall in love? Grow up? Move on? Forget it. You're better off dead in their eyes. It makes me sick.

Kaisoo_Shipper lemonchiffon143 Thursday, April 21, 2016

ikr I hate all of this, but one line in particular really disgusts me. 'Live happily with your party buddies.' Do these fans think that it's been easy for him? Do they think they are helping the remaining members of B2ST by insulting Hyunseung? I like to think that although he is not a member of the group anymore, there is still a bond between him and the group. The fans are doing nothing but hurt him and B2ST, under the pretense of love. They're all suffering so much, all idols are, and the fans do nothing but make it ten times worse with all this criticism. I can confidently say that 90% less of the idols would leave if the fans weren't so brutal and overwhelming. At the pressure that idols are under, it's impressive that they even last as long as they do without cracking. They don't deserve the fandom name Beauty. There is absolutely no beauty in the atrocities that they are commiting. As a true fan of a group, you should learn to love each and every member for who they are, not for their position in a group. If you truly are a B2TY, you would support every member, regardless of whether or not they are always part of the group. Hyunseung has a personal life too. Respect that. He does not belong to his contract. He does not belong to the company. He does NOT belong to his admirers. Smh at these so-called fans.

allkpopuser448 Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Those people are horrible. They wanted him to leave and now that he is, they're crucifying him? This is like with Sulli but way meaner.

5lee Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The fandom name is "Beauty" but their hearts are "Beast".  They punished someone without clear proof and treat him worst than a murderer. They think they're saint who never sin.

junxxmin 5lee Friday, April 22, 2016

This comment.... i 100% agree

selinanotselena 5lee Wednesday, April 27, 2016


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