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Posted by AllK_Maknae18 pts Friday, March 11, 2016

10 of the most popular K-Pop fan-fictions out there

You may have heard it more than once before, especially with the word becoming more commonplace in today's trend, but fan-fiction is everywhere! No matter what it may be, the ambitious writers of these stories make their fantasies into a reality for the world to see and these 10 K-Pop fan-fictions are no joke! Check out this interesting list of fictions you may even soon want as a live drama!

Note - None of these suggestions are rated 19+ orinvolveany erotic fan-fiction.

1. 'My neighbour, My Lover'

This fan-fiction is quite the humorous piece. Being littered with comical side commentary and undying romance, the fan-fiction withover 600K views becomes even more interesting when Kathy (the leading female of this piece) meets with Hero (JYJ's Jaejoong) and learns that 'Love at first sight' isn't just a cliche saying after all.

Why you should read: Everyone is in love with JYJ's Jaejoong, but the sweet portrayal of him as that 'boy next door' type makes the story more realistic and down to earth. It also revolves around more than one love bond instead of a direct focus on the main characters.



2. 'Star-Crossed'

Already building up anticipation with a pro-gay storyline, 'Star-Crossed' touches upon the sisterly bond of Girls' Generation being more than just platonic. The scenarios go deep into their personal lives and revolve around the romance of YoonA and Seohyun, Taeyeon and Tiffany, and Yuri and Jessica. There is even the appearance of T-ara's Hyomin. The love lines are clearly going across the girl group spectrum!

Why you should read: Although the story and its beginning is set to make this all seem like a typical 'Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants' movie, it evolves into something more heart warming with realistic connections and humorous dialogue. The whole idea of intertwining past feelings with current relationships make it more comical.



3. 'Life With Super Junior'

Another unique tale involving life intertwined with idols, this one has the fun of 'Roommate' with the story line of many classic Korean dramas. Amanda had been living with her grandparents since the day her parents died. One day she is sent to live in Korea to live with a close friend and, as she searches for a new roommate, she winds up living with the amazing boy group themselves-- Super Junior!

Why you should read: First of all, who DOESN'T want to live with their favorite K-Pop idols? Plus there are random guest appearances from other popular groups like SHINee! It also jumps from various points of view throughout the chapters.



4. 'The PErfect Life'

This story is far from just being surrounded by your ultimate bias, it also has all the glitz and glam of idol life combined! Moon Ae Ra has finally meet with success as she signs a contract with JYP Entertainment; however, the unexpected happens! She encounters a life and a person she has left behind 5 years ago, and that person is GOT7's Mark! Can she find balance with this unbridled love or crumble under the pressure of being a trainee and dating?

Why you should read: First off, I'm pretty impressed by the dynamic story line. It doesn't just circle around the romance blossoming but being old and torn from a mysterious past. Plus, the added hype of being an idol in the making keeps it exciting and fresh!



5. 'Model For Me'

Without a doubt this fan-fiction offers a more captivating plot as it is read from your point of view! That's right, instead of being invested into someone else's storyline, you become engrossed in the story as it unfolds to be about your time spent visiting Korea as an intern for an entertainment company. Turns out you are recruited and began your first project working alongside CNBLUE. How will your K-Pop future unfold?

Why you should read: The perspective is refreshing. You can easily get sucked into it and enjoy the story as yourself. Putting yourself in their shoes is made easy with this lovable piece.



6. 'Married To My Boss'

Marriage is difficult, especially when your parents arrange it for you! You may feel it shares a similar storyline with the previous fan-fiction but it branches out farther than that! The unique twist? The husband-to-be is actually the boss of the company Song Haru works for! Who is the mystery man? None other than EXO's Sehun!

Why you should read: The whole idea of having to marry your boss is definitely a big mess in itself. At least it's a K-Pop idol, but the fun plot of marrying someone you have actually known all your life and work under is bound to be a real romantic comedy.



7. 'Namja Academy'

Not only is the title quite eye-catching but also the story actually focuses on the love connection between two idols instead of with an OC. The story deepens into the love affair of EXO's D.O. and Girl's Day Yura but their relationship faces a big obstacle as Yura is forced to leave their small town of Daegu behind to go to Seoul while D.O. attends 'Namja Academy.'

Why you should read: Don't know about you, but D.O. and Yura make for quite the cute pairing. The concept is a lot more entertaining as you can focus and actually visually a more solidrelationshipbetween the two familiar idols.



8. 'Just Because Of One Mistake'

The story is more than exciting as it involves the hardships of Park Jae Ri, a poor girl who soon becomes involved with one of the wealthiest people in Korea-- EXO's Kai. Similar to hit drama 'Boy's Over Flowers,' this fan-fiction knows how to lure in the audience with the idea of hating first and loving last.

Why you should read: Anything EXO related is guaranteed a winning story for hardcore EXO fans. Aside from that, the message behind this fan-fiction of hate being the most strongest/passionate feeling is more intriguing than starting off with a sweet and lovely chemistry.



9. 'Torn Between'

As the title suggests, the main character Sophie is torn between two lovers. Unexpectedly, she is forced to choose who she desires most and wants to further a relationship with as they both can't stand being hauled on a leash any longer. If you thought adjusting to moving to Korea was a big deal, just imagine dealing with a love triangle involving K-Pop idols Kai and Baekhyun!

Why you should read: Not only does it feature the fun life of living and traveling to Korea but it also makes for some heated chemistry as the love triangle between two of Korea's beloved idols becomes more intense. A classic love triangle is a must have to keep the reader on their toes-- and this fan-fiction does just that.



10. 'His Smile'

Just like the beloved high school dramas and anime, 'His Smile' combines the fun style of both and pairs in the love affair of K-Pop idols! A transfer student from America stirs things up in this school as she is beyond pretty but everyone curiously wonders if her personality matches, especially the most handsome boy at school (it's a secret!). The boys of BTS are the first to encounter her and the rest is history.

Why you should read: The story line is simplistic and cheerful which makes it an easy but enjoyable read. The idea of being the most popular/prettiest girl at school is a much needed switch in the consistent pairings of the wealthy and the poor. Plus, BTS is in it!



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Kim_Sohye1 pt Friday, June 7, 2019 0
Friday, June 7, 2019

Ok I have a good fanfic that you should totally read!! IF Jimin Is your bias in bts you will be blessed with this fanfic on Wattpad! It’s called roommate by jiminfiction! Btw things changed Bc the creator is rewriting the story a bit. I read it about 20 times! Hope you enjoyed it more than me


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