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Posted by jubilantj0 pt Friday, February 26, 2016

Viewers complain about Cube adding 'Produce 101's Kwon Eun Bin to CLC


The entertainment world is in an uproar at the news that Cube has added a new member to its 7-member girl group CLC. Normally, a new member in an idol group is nothing to go up in arms about; however, this specific addition is making headlines since the new member is none other than Kwon Eun Bin, who is a contestant on 'Produce 101.'

On the morning of February 26, Cube introduced Kwon Eun Bin as the final new member, sharing her profile and image on CLC's official website. As soon as news spread that she is the new member of CLC, it has created much buzz and for good reason. In last week's episode of 'Produce 101,' Kwon Eun Bin ranked the highest in the elimination votes, placing sixteenth. 

That a contestant who was nearly eliminated made it as a new member of a girl group didn't sit too well with many viewers. Cube Entertainment has stepped forward to address the complaints that their decision has generated, stating, "Kwon Eun Bin was already recruited as the new member of CLC at the end of last year. But as the album was delayed for an indefinite period of time, she once again returned to being a trainee. The album pictures and music videos were all taken and recorded but the album was never released." 

The label added, "But the time arrived at the company for CLC to make a comeback and for Kwon Eun Bin to make her debut. After much discussion with the 'Produce 101' crew including the matter about her stepping down from the show, we announced [Kwon Eun Bin's] debut and decided that she will not do any broadcast activities besides the program like the contract we wrote up prior states." 

Due to the contract, Kwon Eun Bin won't even be able to go on music programs with the rest of CLC. Cube assured, "[Kwon Eun Bin] won't step down from the show but we don't know whether she will be eliminated or stay on until the end. She plans to try her best for the rest of the program.

The top comments on this article read, "mbk ?? Dia?? Why aren't these girls eliminated?" "Honestly shouldn't the people who already debuted before be eliminated..it's only fair that trainees or really desperate people participate.." and, "If you have to step down from the show because you debuted, then they should have stopped Heo Chan Mi or MBK from coming on the program in the first place..Kwon Eun Bin's debut was pushed back and she appeared when she was just a trainee so there's no reason for her to be cursed out all on her own. Just how many groups did Heo Chan Mi let slip by. I heard T-ara's Dani Chinese fan votes are ridiculous."

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