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Nam Tae Hyun sheds tears on 'Actor School'

Nam Tae Hyun discussed the criticisms he received for his acting in SBS's 'Late-Night Restaurant' during the first airing of 'Actor School'.

'Actor School' follows Park Shin Yang as he teaches 7 celebrities how to act and become successful actors.

Park Shin Yang asked Nam Tae Hyun, "I would like you to answer some questions, if you don't mind. Why do you want to act, what is acting to you and what is an actor, who do you view yourself as. I'll give you 3 minutes to think it over. You don't have to answer if you don't want to, you're welcome to leave."

Nam Tae Hyun, after careful consideration, answered, "I believe that regardless of what you become, learning has no end. Things that I enjoy and take an interest should, of course, be meticulously pursued and studied."

Park Shin Yang replied, "First of all, it's difficult to hear you so I'd like to ask you to speak up."

When Lee Won Jong asked Nam Tae Hyun if he planned to pursue acting, he replied, "Even though my main occupation is that of a singer, I want to slowly learn acting over time so that when a good script comes in..." to which Park Shin Yang quickly replied "I have a question, then. What brought you here? It doesn't sound like you're particularly earnest and passionate in your endeavors as an actor. Are you saying that you want to just act comfortably and leisurely in the future?"

Jang Soo Won stated, "I think that [Nam Tae Hyun] meant that he wants to take time to really learn how to act, even if the desperation isn't completely there yet, because he does enjoy it."

Nam Tae Hyun replied, "I think the public would think that I'm acting to boost my popularity. I think that's how viewers would see it."

Park Shin Yang, still unrelenting, asked, "I want to know what YOU think. I have a mission; I have no intentions of teaching for the sake of teaching or to simply look good. I want to teach students as much as they want to learn. How ardent are you?"

Nam Tae Hyun finally spilled his true feelings and shed tears, saying that, "I desperately want to learn. I don't think I'm at a place right now where I can present my acting ability to the public. I had told my company that I wanted to pursue acting as well and we discussed it in great length. However, when the opportunity for me to act came in 'Late-Night Restaurant', I was underprepared. I have so much guilt towards the other actors, directors, producers, writers, and staff members because my lack of preparation brought about such hate and criticism to a production that could have otherwise been successful. My heart is burdened with guilt and I wish to apologize to them."

In conclusion, Lee Won Jong asked, "Do you believe that to be all your fault?" to which Nam Tae Hyun replied, "It might not be 100% my fault, but it was my scene that brought upon the cursing and the pointed fingers. I don't want to make another situation where I have to hold such guilt and apologetic feelings in my heart."

To watch Nam Tae Hyun's heartfelt speech, check out the clip above.

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