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Clara opens up on Korean TV for the first time in a year


Clara is back!  And although her first acting comeback is in China, she appeared before the Korean audience through an interview with SBS's 'One Night of TV Entertainment' on January 6!  Previously, she had sued her former agency CEO, Lee Kyu Tae, for making her feel sexually humiliated, which resulted in a lot of intense back and forths. Ultimately, both sides reached an agreement with Clara dropping her lawsuit.

Clara said regarding her hiatus from the entertainment world, "This is my first time in Korean media since January last year.  I feel nervous and it is awkward.  I thought to myself, 'It took a long time for me to get the name Clara out there, yet the passion I gathered for nine years could disappear in a single moment like this.'  Did I not try excessively to look good because I suddenly received love and interest in a single moment after spending a long time in anonymity?  I often thought that I would have to think multiple times about my behavior and speech."  

She even mentioned the reason for her dropping her lawsuit.  "It's not that we suddenly reached an agreement, rather attorneys from both sides met each other so many times in order to find something we could agree over," she explained.  "As the situation was getting big, the both of us wondered if it would be better for us to quickly put our affairs in order, so we ended up settling."

Clara added, "I wonder how this happened.  From where the problem started.  I had those thoughts, too," and started becoming teary-eyed.  She also talked about her concerns regarding her sexy image.  "I'm careful about how I would be viewed," she said. "I've promoted as an actress for nine years, but there isn't only a sexy image," and promised to show a good image in the future, as well.

"I thank the fans who have trusted in me and waited for me all that time," she said in conclusion.  "I will work even harder in a good production, so I would like it if you could please open your hearts a bit, look forward to it, and watch over me."

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