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Kim Hyun Joong's parents step forward in defense of their son

Kim Hyun Joong

The drama between Kim Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi continues, and with the latest update that the actor is indeed the father of Choi's baby, both sides are scrambling once again to tell their sides of the story. 

In a press conference held on the very day the results of the DNA test were made public, Kim Hyun Joong's parents, the father Kim Hong Sung and the mother, only identified by her surname Jung, personally came forward to deliver their sentiments on the whole debacle that has been spanning for over a year. 

Kim said, "We heard the news that the baby was born; firstly, I'm sorry towards the child. The child is of my blood but I feel sorry that I didn't even see the child. We should have exposed our sentiments earlier. We have said countless times since January that we will take responsibility for the child but delayed the paternity test. It's good that the [results] were revealed, though late. I'm sorry towards the child. Hearing that the child is healthy, I'm thankful," and continued, "Hyun Joong has acknowledged from the very start that the child is his. He has always said that he will be responsible as the father of the child. Didn't he also say 'sorry' to the child in the letter he revealed back in September?"

Kim also stated that he spoke with his son, saying, "During our phone conversation, he said, 'Father, the child is mine so I will do whatever it takes to take responsibility. The courts will take care of the custody issue so I will submit to whatever they decide. Whoever gets custody, as long as it is the path for the child's happiness, I will cede." 

Regarding the demand for apology from Choi's side, Jung said tearfully, "Must Hyun Joong die for an apology, or must the family die for it?

Jung added, "I wish that the child will no longer be associated with money [made from media play]. We will do the very best for our child's happiness. We admitted that he is the father and said that we will take full responsibility so I don't know why they keep trying to murder his [reputation]," expressing her frustration. 


Kim continued, "Regarding matters related to the child, we wish to resolve them through the phone. The damages suit will is a different issue but this will expose the truth. Because the child is Hyun Joong's child, we will take all responsibility, but we will not drop our 1.6 billion KRW (~$1.36 million) countersuit because we still have to reveal the truth." 

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