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Kim Hyun Joong's DNA test results say the probability of the child being his is...

Kim Hyun Joong

Results toKim Hyun Joong's DNA test is out, and, well,it's 99.9999%.

TV Report was told by the SNU (the lab that performed the test), "The two of them are biologically related as father and child. The result is higher than the standard rate of determining whether the parent is related to the child. Various genes agree with this result."

Ms. Choi's side further revealed results from the lab, revealing that the paternal index was higher than 2,000,000 and the probability was higher than 99.9999% that Kim Hyun Joong was the father of her child. Even when mutations are taken into consideration, the paternal index is 1,392,028.67, and the probability remains at 99.9999%.

Her lawyer further claimed, "During the two years she lived with Kim Hyun Joong, she was impregnated 5 times, and we have submitted 66 pieces of evidence for the damage suit. We also submitted evidence of his violence, as can be seen below in Chart 2. However, Kim Hyun Joong has only submitted 23 pieces of evidence and has especially submitted no evidence on blackmail. During the trials, he has admitted to 3 cases of miscarriage, abortion, and birth, and is denying the other two cases of abortion and miscarriage. They demand evidence for the child that was miscarried, aborted, and birthed to be Kim Hyun Joong's child, and is repeatedly offending a child who has already gone as well as the mother."

They asserted that Kim Hyun Joong also held unnecessary press conferences and media plays, saying, "Without any evidence, he made the mother of his child into a fraudulent blackmailer and defamed her character, and said multiple times that if it was not his child, she would have to take responsibility. From now on, he will have to apologize and reflect upon his actions that murdered her character, and show responsibility as the father of a child and protect the rights of his child and the mother of his child."

Were you expecting these results?

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