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10 underrated K-Dramas that you are missing out on

By alim17   Tuesday, September 1, 2015   830,319   16,883   0
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Prosecutor Princess
Now this is a drama that did it right! When it comes to law and crime, Korean dramas tend to be lacking, but I think this one did a very good job and delivered all the plot twists in an effective way. Not to mention, the chemistry between Park Si Hoo and Kim So Yeon was so raw and strong, and she is an immensely incredible actress, proving she can do versatility with ease through this production. Think 'Legally Blonde' in a way. The OST? Killer. Don't know why it didn't do better!



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  1. misc.
  2. Prosecutor Princess
  3. oh my ghots
  4. oh my ghost
  5. Kill Me Heal Me
  6. Whats With This Family
  7. Rooftop Prince
  8. let's eat
  9. can you hear my heart
  10. hello miss
  11. king 2 hearts
  12. shut up flower boy band

triniblossom Saturday, September 26, 2015

Rooftop Prince! A must watch!

OrifunaGD Friday, September 25, 2015

like how the hell are any of these underrated? ;

PeachParrot Monday, September 14, 2015

Let's Eat 2 was WAY better than season one. Baek Soo Ji did an amazing job at playing a silly funny character and had better chemistry with Yoon Doo Joon. The other main girl in the first season (i cant even remember her name haha), didn't have that vibrant, or "unique" feeling the main character should have and this really disappointed me, and felt like the drama was ruined because of her bluntness. Of course, people who are still personally attached to the season 1 because they watched it first (and because of the dog) may like the first season better, but personally I like Let's Eat season 2 way more. So basically, Let's Eat 2 needs a spot on this list. Thanks for reading my rant lol; no offense to season 1 lovers ;

miguksaram Sunday, September 6, 2015

Who is this alim17?! ;Where is ;jubilantj who actually had taste?!! I have seen a lot of these dramas (Prosecutor Princess, Kill Me Heal Me, Rooftop Prince, Can You Hear My Heart, King 2 Hearts, and Shut Up Flower Boy Band) and they range from passable to downright awful -- not inspiring to the rest of the list!

Where are dramas like Misaeng that, while HUGE in Korea, are completely passed over by overseas audiences? That is the best drama I have ever watched, and yet dramas like Prosecutor Princess (one of the WORST I've ever watched) are at the top of the list? I can't!

redl Sunday, September 6, 2015

Maybe it's a matter of taste. Coz Prosecutor Princess, the one you considered as your worst is one of my all-time favorites. :) KMHM and Rooftop Prince are descent ones as well. They are amazing dramas. It's all about taste.. taste.. taste. So don't blame the writer if his/her choices don't match yours.

jennkyube Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Jubilantj? You meant the writer who listed 10 most overrated kdramas based on her "taste" (more like bitter feelings toward kdrama in general, from the looks of it) and conveniently forgot to include Heirs in the list? LOL if you call that "taste" then I personally feel bad for you. You need better recommendation than getting it from someone who prefer Heirs over The King 2 Hearts. (And if you think the King 2 Hearts is awful, that means you probably don't understand the story & doesn't know how to read between lines. There's MUCH more going on to it than just a romantic story between 2 people!)

uglyb2uty Sunday, September 6, 2015

I Remember You (with Seo In Guk) was really good!! I highly recommend it! i was surprised it didn't have higher ratings

conradlyc Sunday, September 6, 2015

This list is not created by ;jubilantj who made the list of overrated K Dramas that I completely disagree. ;So this list may still be used as a reference to select old K drama to watch. ;

I watched Rooftop Prince and Prosecutor ;Princess. ;I like love them but don't know if they are underrated. ;

xxxjiyu Saturday, September 5, 2015

Healer and Modern Farmer for me. Kill Me, Heal Me is ;♡

mobinect Saturday, September 5, 2015

I know so many people who dislike Korean police dramas because they are extremely exaggerated and centered on either romance or tragic backstories, but one drama I know deserves to be on this list is Missing Noir M. It's become one of my favorite police shows I've ever seen, and trust me, I watch everything CSI related I can find. Admittedly, the characters and their acting skills aren't exactly top notch (Kim Ha Neul was the only actor I knew out of the entire series... But then again, I tend to forget actors as soon as a drama ends) but the story line definitely makes up for it. There were countless plot twists (and all of them MADE SENSE), convincing antagonists, and terrifyingly believable deaths in every episode. Every crime was constructed beautifully, with the three main characters struggling to find out what justice and the law truly meant to the victims and the perpetrators. Although there was a slightly clichéd backstory for one of the trio, it (thankfully) only lingered in the background, creating a wonderful impending sense of doom throughout the entire show. Missing Noir M presented chaos and order in a beautiful balance, working with its less than perfect cast to create a masterpiece. It reminded me of Criminal Minds in its first few seasons with morbid murders and internal conflicts, and I constantly got goosebumps while watching the story unfold before me. ;Missing Noir M has the best story I've ever seen in a Korean police drama. Although the first season ended with only ten episodes, I think there will be a second as its ratings on Korean sites are stellar and some of the underlying mysteries have not yet been solved.


jenny21 Saturday, September 5, 2015

Prosecutor Princess <3 One of my faves.

D&N,_H&L Friday, September 4, 2015

actual underrated dramas: Queen Inhyun's man(romcom/timetravel), Phantom(or ghost)(cyberdetective/action/thriller), the Queen's Classroom(slice of life/mostly children cast- DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE CHILD-ACTORS!!!!!!!!!!) ;

let me freakkiinngg TELL YOU

Queen Inhyun's Man; was innncredible. i watched it twice and it was even better bc the main couple actually started dating irl how magical is that??

the story; i usually hate cheesy romance thats why i actually stopped watching kdramas all together. too much of that predictable pattern.. rich jerk poor girl fall in love bla bla bla

this story had a really good take on timetravel and even the romance part was super interesting! i highly reccommend this drama even if romance isnt your thing. this isnt melodramatic but it is HELLA ROMANTIC. this actually deserves the romantic genre sticker ok moving on.

Phantom; was a thrilling drama from start to finish. its about a cyber policeman hacker that tries to get behind the death of a politician but theres a twist in his identity. all in all its a super cool drama with action and INTERNET STUFF. i swear this drama had SUCH an impact on me i deleted all my unused former online accounts thats how paranoid i got haha. its really good if youre into action and detective stuff.

The Queen's Classroom; this is a korean take on a japanese drama and though i watched the korean one first i prefer that one. it had such an impact on me but i dont doubt the original is amazing too. THIS DRAMA HAS KIDS THAT KNOW HOW TO FREAKKING ACT YO im telling you i was constantly amazed and impressed with these kids(all kids- cast) and how heavy this drama actually is! like other people cried buckets watching it but i was cool but inside - it was tearing me up it was soooo FREAKING SAD! it stirred emotions in me i did not even know i had!

it was a masterpiece tbh and i reccommend this to everyone LITERALLY EVERYONE.

miguksaram Sunday, September 6, 2015


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