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Seven Seasons insists Zico did not know his manager was drunk + 'Show Me The Money 4' discussing possibility of Zico's leave

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Following the news that Zico and his manager had gotten into a minor car accident due to drunk driving, several questions have been arising about the accident as well as whether Zico will be remaining on 'Show Me The Money 4'.

Although it may not seem like a serious situation for Zico was not the one actually behind the wheel, charges can still be brought against the idol as well if he was found to have encouraged his manager to drive knowing the manager was drunk. With questions rising about this matter, his agency has issued a more detailed statement.

Through an official statement released, the agency said,

"Zico attended Park Kyung's birthday party while he was in the midst of working on songs. So after he finished the celebrations, he headed back to the studio. 

Because his manager had always driven him to the studio, his manager once again drove Zico on this day.

While they were on their way there, they were involved in an accident, and it was only after the accident that Zico learned that the manager had been driving drunk from the police investigation. He was questioned along with his manager at the time, and his blood alcohol level was revealed to be 0.000%.

Although it wasn't him who drove, he is apologetic and he is blaming himself that he did not realize that his manager was driving drunk.

However, the one at most fault is us for not being able to look after our employees properly. We apologize to everyone who was shocked about our employee and artist being involved in an accident due to our carelessness.

We will make sure to be more careful in the future, and we will do our best so that we will not cause concern with an accident like this again.

In addition, the manager's blood alcohol level was revealed to be 0.145%, which is enough for his license to be revoked.

Regarding whether Zico will continue to remain on the show, a representative from 'Show Me The Money 4' spoke up with the statement, "We just received the news about Zico a little while ago. We're currently discussing this matter internally. We will reveal our position once the matter has been decided on."

Stay tuned for any updates to come.

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