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Footage containing the argument between Lee Tae Im and Yewon revealed, shows Yewon speaking informally

Just when things seemed to be quieting down, the alleged video capturing Lee Tae Im and Yewon's fight during the filming of MBC's 'Tutoring Across Generations' has surfaced. 

How? Nobody knows yet and MBC has revealed they're looking into the source of the leak, but what's for certain is that the footage presents a very different side of the story to what Yewon's agency Star Empire Entertainment had insisted on.

To recap, it was previously reported that Lee Tae Im had cursed and yelled at Yewon for apparently no reason on the set. Lee Tae Im insisted that she had heard Yewon speaking informally to her and this triggered her suppressed frustrations and anger revolving around the filming as well as her other issues going on in her life to explode. However, Yewon's side denied that Yewon spoke informally to the actress, saying that Yewon had only asked if Lee Tae Im was cold, and never used the informal speech.

The leaked footage, however, portrays a different situation taking place compared to what Star Empire had said.

Lee Tae Im: Hello~ 
Yewon: Is it cold? 
Lee Tae Im: It's really cold, you should try going in there once too
Yewon: Can't ('ahndweh' - informal speech)
Lee Tae Im: You don't want to? But you like watching others do it? 
Yewon: No No ('ahni ahni' - informal)
Lee Tae Im: Why are you using the informal speech? 
Yewon: (chuckles) No No  ('ahni ahni' - informal)
Lee Tae Im: Do I seem like a person you can look down on? 
Yewon: No it's just cold. No ('ahni-yo' - switches to formal speech from this point). Unni, you don't like me huh?
Lee Tae Im: Why are looking at me in that way? 
Yewon: Huh? 
Lee Tae Im: I said why are you looking at me that way? You're blind to this situation aren't you? 

A staff member interrupts and says, "Tae Im, what's wrong?" and the actress responds, "This b*tch is speaking informally, informal speech. If you don't want to get hit, look with your eyes properly open. I'll make you being a celebrity.. forever, forever...."

At this point the staff pulls her away and we can't hear any more of what she says while Yewon glares at her. 

The camera is put down and we hear a female voice, which reports are indicating belongs to Yewon, saying "That crazy b*tch Really that, whew!" and "What's wrong with her?". 


MBC is currently said to be an emergency situation looking into how this video came to be leaked and will likely hold the person responsible.

Star Empire was also contacted about what they have to say since the footage contradicts what they had said before. The agency stated, "We just saw the footage. We have nothing we can tell you right now. We will deliver our position after we analyze the situation."

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