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Posted by joy_k1 pt Saturday, July 12, 2014

7 Best Male Idol Rappers

Baro, Bang Yong Guk, Zelo, Junhyung, T.O.P, G-Dragon, Zico, Jay Park, Rap Monster
Western music needs to scoot over because Korea is coming in hot on the rap scene. Since the 90's with groups such as 1TYM, we've seen a sharp rise in artists that dub themselves as rappers, both male and female. In addition to artists such as Beenzino, Gray, Simon D., Tablo, etc., we've seen fierce competition from male rappers who have debuted through idol groups, displaying true versatility with their vocals, dance, and of course rap. So, let's take a look at which idols made my list of top 7!


Rap Monster

Rap Monsteris really a monster when it comes to rapping (heh). He has the youthful "I'm confident" concept going in his style. Rap Monster really has it all: he can rap fast and has impeccable rhythm. He spits clever lines, and his raw emotion hood sound is at the top of the game. BTSis a fairly new group, and I'm really looking forward to keeping tabs on Rap Monster and watching him grow as a rapper.


B.A.P, as an idol group, houses some amazing rappers that I can confidently say would slay some underground rap battles. Although I am a huge fan of Bang Yong Guk, when I think of K-pop's finest rappers, the groups maknae, Zelo, comes to mind. He may be dubbed as "Giant Baby," but there is nothing baby about his rap game. Anyone that can spit lines that fast with that much flow deserves to be on this list. The fact that he has the ultimate innocent, baby face is just proof that some guys do have it all.


Block B's Zico has flow. He's nailed his breathing technique (insert JYPpunchline here?), and his punchline/rhythm combination reminds me of Childish Gambino, which should absolutely be taken as a compliment. Block B is a very hip-hop feel-esque group, so it's no surprise that Zico's voice complements the group very nicely. However, we see that his manly bad-boy sounding voice also compliments soft vocals as well.


You know someone is good when they're always featured in other groups' songs--B2ST'sJunhyungis no exception. I really respect Junhyung as an artist because he not only writes his own lyrics but they're also consistently good. His raps are rarely about punchlines or speed; rather, he often tells a story with emotion. You can always hear the sincerity within his raps which sets him apart from the norm.


B1A4'sBarohas a wonderfully deep masculine voice--when I first heard his rapping, it reminded me ofT.O.P'sstyle and, considering I'm a hugeBig Bangfan, I obviously approved. Baro's parts are often the perfect offset to the smooth vocals of his other group members such asJinyoungandSandeul. Baro has successfully branded his own unique sound. He adds the perfect amount of rugged to not only B1A4 tracks, but his features as well.

Jay Park

Jay Parkcame out with a huge bang with his unprecedented level of swag when he first debuted with2PM.Following his departure and solo comeback, he showed that he didn't lose any of his talent that caught our attention during his hiatus. His voice is higher pitched than others, but the sound works well for him. He, too, makes awesome punchlines. The fact that he is now head of the labelAOMG,which houses some of the countries most talented rappers and hip-hop artists, is just proof that he's taking over this game and looking good while doing it.


You can't have a list of Top Rappers and not includeG-Dragon. He is one of the best in the game, not only amongst idol rappers. He has the trifecta: he writes his own lyrics, has a distinct and versatile style, and you can always understand what he's saying (which is not always the case when it comes to rappers)! He caught the eye of theYGfamily when he was 13 years old and he definitely continues to capture our attention with his talent. Also, it should be noted that the duo of G-Dragon andT.O.PwithinBig Bangis the ultimate perfect pairing.

And that rounds out my top 7! Which male idol rappers do you think are the best? Do you agree with my choices or did I leave anyone out? Comment below!

  1. Baro
  2. Bang Yong Guk
  3. Zelo
  4. Junhyung
  5. T.O.P
  6. G-Dragon
  7. Zico
  8. Jay Park
  9. Rap Monster
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