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Posted by miketastic0 pt Wednesday, December 4, 2013

WBW: Top 10 Songs from 10 Years Ago (December 2003)

1TYM, Rain, Wheesung, Lee Soo Young, Brown Eyed Soul, Sung Si Kyung

It's about that time when Way Back Wednesday takes a look back at the top 10 songs that were at the top of the K-pop charts 10 years ago this month. You'll see a few familiar songs and hopefully some that are new to you. This is also a bittersweet list because it'll be the second to last one that I'll be writing but more on that later. For now, let's enjoy the old school jams from December 2003.

Turtles - "Come On"

An underrated and often forgotten group, Turtles was a coed hip hop team featuring members Z-E, Geum Bi and Turtleman. The group had some big hits, including this song from their second album. Unfortunately, lead rapper and really the center of the group Turtleman passed away in 2008 as a result of a heart attack. I think the two female members had announced a possible comeback a few years ago but I don't know if it actually happened.

Jang Nara - "Prayer"

This ballad from Jang Nara's third album is one of her most famous and shows her range as a singer which is sometimes overlooked. Jang Nara is making a living over in China these days but back in the day, she was one of the most popular multi-talent entertainers in all of K-pop.

Lee Soo Young - "Still Bite My Lips"

You know, I've never seen the actual music video for this song until now and who knew Go Soo was the main actor in it? A holdover from last month, I didn't like the song the first time I heard it but it's growing on me.

Wheesung - "I Am Missing You"

Classic Wheesung. I thought his voice was a little over the top when he first debuted back, but now his is one of the first that I remember when thinking of K-pop from the early 2000's. Some fans might recognize this song as the one friend K.Will uses to impersonate Wheesung.

Brown Eyed Soul - "Did We Really Love"

Another song that's been on the charts for the past couple of months. There's really nothing more I can say about one of the best soul groups in K-pop. By the way, the video below isn't of the original group but features member Jung Yeop along with Wheesung, Gummy, and Park Hyo Shin from a 2008 performance on the now defunct show 'Lee Hana's Peppermint'.

1TYM - "Without You"

The boys of 1TYM are known for their high energy hip hop and rap skills but they also regularly featured slower, ballads and "Without You" was their biggest one. Honestly, the song was more of a showcase for singer Danny and would be the stepping stone for his solo venture under his Korean name Taebin. Also, the song was one of the earlier works that was written and produced by 1TYM leader Teddy.

Sung Si Kyung - "Endure"

Yet another song that crossed over from November to December, this Sung Si Kyung hit is one of many ballads on this list. I guess people just like the softer wounds during the winters.

Lexy - "Novice"

I wrote last month that this song is still one I listen to this day and coincidentally, I heard it while I was walking home from work today. I need to update my iPhone playlists…although I do miss old school YG.

Yoon Gun - "How"

The Brown Eyes member released this solo work which showcases his vocals and trademark sound. I got into Yoon Gun's solo work a little late as neither he nor the group were huge outside of Korea, at least I didn't hear of them. Once I did though, I was a fan and still enjoy listening to the awesomeness that was Brown Eyes.

Rain - "How to Avoid the Sun"

The original US/K-pop crossover star is back in the news as Rain headed Stateside to film a new movie called 'The Prince' starring Bruce Willis. I think we're all anxious to see his role in the film and if he's going to be making a larger leap into Hollywood.

So those were the Top 10 Songs from 10 Years Ago. Like I said earlier, this is the penultimate Way Back Wednesday for me as I'll be hanging up my old school hat next week. I've thought a lot about what to write and I think I'll do something along the lines of my all-time favorite old school jams. Send some suggestions in the comments and I'll see you next week!

  1. 1TYM
  2. Rain
  3. Wheesung
  4. Lee Soo Young
  5. Brown Eyed Soul
  6. Sung Si Kyung
  9. LEXY
  10. YOON GUN
  11. WBW
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