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Posted by starsung Sunday, October 6, 2013

I.aM.mE's Brandon Harrell criticizes YG Entertainment for using his crew's choreography without permission on 'WIN'

Yet another choreographer, I.aM.mE's Brandon Harrell has responded in frustration for the use of his crew's moves on 'WIN' without permission.

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I.aM.mE were notified about Team B's dance covers by a fan on Twitter who pointed out, "Or stealing moves …?", to which Brandon Harrell retweeted Team B's performance of G-Dragon's "That XX" and "Crayon" which uses I.aM.mE's choreography.

Brandon Harrell lashed out on Twitter, "I don't understand why these Big Asian companies just don't hire us to choreograph for their artist instead of still our stuff all the time!"

"Oops was typing too fast! "STEAL" hahah."

"Gahhh that's crazy! This is literally like the 10th time it's happened haha."

"It sucks because that stuff took a lot of work to make and people try to use it to gain their own "success" like it's theirs."

"still have to give credit where it's due or ask permission first."

"Taking choreo off youtube and displaying it to a nation wide tv audience without the consent of the creators is stealing homie."

"No matter how "ok" people might think it is, it's not cool to use others choreo without notifying and asking the creators....in ANY case."

"Maybe people will understand that better when they get older, start to create and get recognized for their work."

"haha I see a lot of people don't get the concept of a youtube cover or a nationwide television spot. It's all good!"

"People still don't understand. It's not about the credit, it's about the work, the man hours, the product. I only feel like people will understand once they become choreographers and it continues to happen to them. It's frustrating."

"lol people are clueless. Good night all!!!"

Although I.aM.mE were mentioned in the credits for the show, this isn't the first time that Team B and YG Entertainment have run into controversy for using and airing someone else's choreography on TV without directly contacting them. What are your thoughts, is putting the group's name in the ending credits enough?

Source: Brandon Harrell's Twitter

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