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Cube Entertainment to begin distributing albums in Brazil


Cube Entertainment, the label that's home to artists such as 4minute, G.NA, B2ST, and more will officially begin selling their albums in Brazil.

They are making their mark in K-pop history, as they will be the first Korean artists to ever distribute albums to Brazil.

A representative from Cube remarked, "Last year when we visited Brazil to hold the 'United Cube Concert', we prepared about 100+ CDs. It was the first time a Korean artist had done an official tour in Brazil and when we began selling the CDs,we were surprised at the overwhelming reaction by the local people. We believe that the Hallyu sites promoting the event for us online has helped us receive that sort of response from the Brazilian fans."

One of those sites is sarangingayo.com.br, who stated, "B2ST, 4minute, and G.NA CDs will be sold from now on. Obtaining original CDs was almost impossible before, but now Brazilian fans can easily get their hands on K-POP albums in Brazil."

The Cube Entertainment artists grew increasingly popular in Brazil after holding their 'United Cube Concert' in Sao Paulo, Brazil last year. Even before the tour officially began, a crowd of fans awaited their arrival at the airport, and the stars were met with a warm welcome. Once the performances came to an end, the local newspaperEstado de S.Paulo did a story on their tour, and the Cube artists were also featured on news programs and on TV. Now with their album distribution, Cube Entertainment artists' popularity in Brazil is expected to sky rocket.

The representative continued, "If we were only concerned with profits, we would have never been able to go to Brazil to attempt an entire tour. But the fans were so welcoming, and they were so happy to see everyone that they had tears in their eyes. The artists themselves were touched, as the fans sang along with the song and emulated their dance moves. I think with the tour, we set a good foundation for us to begin promoting there. The artists also felt and realized a lot of different things as they were there touring last year."

In related news, 4minute and G.NA are currently working on their new albums, while B2ST will be embarking on their world tour next month.

Source & Image: SportsChosun via Nate

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