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Posted by serendipity42 pts Wednesday, November 2, 2011

F.CUZ to add a new member to current trio

Ever wondered what happened to F.CUZ after member LeeU pulled out in August? With LeeUgone, the other members (Jinon, Kan, and Yejun) are currently promoting in Japan as a trio. Their agency stated, "The members have been in Japan for the past 3 months and are currently in the midst of promotions... After LeeU left, F.CUZ continued their promotions in the format of a three-member unit on radio, TV, and live performances." F.CUZ released their first Japanese single'Never Let You Go' in August, and held two fan meetings called 'Last Forever'. With their debut song, F.CUZ was able to reach 3rd on the Oricon daily chart, and they hope to do just as well with their new Japanese single, scheduled to be released in December. For those of you who don't remember,LeeU officially withdrew from the group back in August.He explained at the time, "F.CUZ members and I belonged to different agencies during our activities. However, as time went on, the paths that the agencies wanted to take, even down to music choice, became different so they had to go their separate ways. " F.CUZ's agency revealed that they are planning to bring in a new member to reform the group again. Source + Photo: Star News

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