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Brave Brothers: "I don't know how to read music"


Two talented producers for creating the addictive songs for idol groups, Brave Brothers and Sinsadong Tiger have been receiving much attention lately for sharing their shocking monthly earnings from royalties through KBS's 'Win Win'. Brave Brothers, whose real name is Kang Dong Chul, used to be connected to Korean gangs and had a rough history. He has 12 violent-related crimes on his record and even owned a room salon business once. However, that all changed once he fell in love with Cypress Hill's music, he stated that he ended all his relations with organized crime. On the show, he revealed that his inspirations come from every day life and stated, "I cannot read music. I don't even know the musical chords." Sinsadong Tiger, whose real name is Lee Ho Yang, also reluctantly revealed, "When things go well, I even earn $100,000 a month. However the pay gets reduced each day I rest, so usually it's around $70,000 to $80,000." He then confessed, "I wanted to become a celebrity, an idol singer at first. But I didn't pass any auditions. Back then was a period when there was no such thing as a Shindong of Super Junior,." He added, "I did pass into a small entertainment company once. I practiced dancing but I only received requests for composing MR's for special events. Ever since then I've been composing." The songs that have earned Brave Brothers the most money are "On a Saturday night" by Son Dambi, which he claimed to have composed in just ten minutes and After School's "Because of You". For Sinsadong Tiger, the songs are "Bo Peep Bo Peep" by T-ara, "Fiction" by B2ST and "Muzik" by 4Minute. Source: Naver

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