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'Spy Myung Wol' production company to sue Han Ye Seul on civil and criminal charges


On August 16th, the production company of KBS's 'Spy Myung Wol', Lee Kim Productions, released an official statement claiming that they will be suing actress Han Ye Seul on civil and criminal charges due to her refusal to meet her filming commitments. Their official press release reads as follows:

"We would like to make a statement as the production company of KBS's 'Spy Myung Wol' regarding actress Han Ye Seul's behavior on refusing to film and makinginexcusableabsences. On August 15th, the episode originally scheduled to air was instead replaced by a special highlights reel. The reason that such an event had to occur was because of actress Han Ye Seul's refusal to show up for filming, which in turn, caused a delay in every other schedule. During the drama's production process, Han Ye Seul made requests that asked for the script to be edited in her favor in addition to schedule changes. She was also late several times, but each time, producers worked with patience to communicate with her on a level that would allow the film set to run smoothly. Despite their efforts, Han Ye Seul refused to film and cut off communication by disappearing, making it impossible for co-stars and staff to continue filming for the drama. The set had many actors and staff who were preparing to film, but ultimately had to wait for long periods of time in severe rain. Having anticipated Han Ye Seul's arrival, they couldn't help but feel empty after hearing that she had left overseas. Because of one person's rash decision, the situation has escalated to such unfortunate heights, making it impossible for the drama to stay on schedule. We trust that as an actress with 10 years of experience, she would have known the consequences of what happens when an episode is canceled due to inadequate footage. Despite knowing such facts, she left the set without any sense of responsibility for her actions, and we can't help but criticize her wrong-doings. Even during the exact moment she left Korea, many junior and senior co-stars as well as staff remained at the scene, waiting for her return. We would like to emphasize that there is absolutely no justification for Han Ye Seul's actions. Refusing to film is an irresponsible act that not only breaks her promise with the viewers, but is incomprehensible by her fellow co-stars and staff. Co-star Eric in particular had a lot of hopes for this drama, since it is his first project after he returned from his military service. Like Han Ye Seul, he too had a tight schedule, but still managed to work through it. After the fifth episode, Han Ye Seul began making countless requests to cut down her scenes, forcing Eric to take on more than he had to. Still, he held it in and worked through them, knowing that it was his duty as an actor. Not only that, but Eric also played the role of mediator between Han Ye Seul and the producers whenever she showed signs of refusing to film. It was Eric who persuaded her to return and made the extra effort to ensure that the film set was running in a positive environment. Unfortunately, Han Ye Seul's irresponsible actions have turned the efforts of her co-stars and staff into a complete waste. Furthermore, because of her refusal to film and herinexcusableabsences, our production company has met with severe damages and losses, all of which is the fault of Han Ye Seul. We express our pity towards Han Ye Seul who made a decision that's unfitting for a public figure, and would like to inform you that we have taken civil and criminal actions against her to recover from the damages we are currently suffering from. We would like to once again apologize for having to air a special reel in place of the next episode of 'Spy Myung Wol'."
Source + Photos: Star News via Nate

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