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[RELIVE: JYJ 2011 World Tour] JYJ heats up Los Angeles!


After hitting up the East Coast last week, JYJ headed for the West Coast to thrill the crowd in the next stop of their epic "2011 World Tour"! On May 27th, fans in Los Angeles were treated to a two-hour long concert filled with sexy performances by JYJ's Junsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun at the NOKIA Theatre. Check out allkpop's exclusive coverage of the hot event below! === Anticipation crackled in the air as we waited outside of the NOKIA Theatre. Long before the doors opened, fans gathered in front to pass out red glowsticks and posters in a joint effort to support JYJ to the fullest extent possible. Once fans entered the building, they were greeted by an undisclosed dance practice video of "Be My Girl (Remix)". In the video, JYJ's dancers demonstrated the simple dance steps to the song, allowing fans in the audience to learn the dance in time for the concert's opening. The lights dimmed, and the stadium immediately transformed into an ocean of red. JYJ had fans screaming as they opened the concert with engaging performances of "Empty", "I.D.S", and "Nine", after which Yoochun greeted the audience by yelling, "What up L.A.? Welcome to the JYJ concert in Los Angeles!". Junsu then shouted, "How are you doing tonight?! Let's have a good time together!", and Jaejoong piped in, "Hope you enjoy the show!" "Pierrot" was next on the list as JYJ was joined by a company of female dancers dressed in tutus with white masks and white gloves. JYJ then drew closer to their fans as they sang "Be My Girl" at the respective ends of the stage. After a brief video from the set of their "The Beginning" album jacket photoshoot, JYJ returned to the stage with "Be The One", dressed in Michael Jackson-inspired chain adorned black suits and white gloves. Soon after, they presented "Ayyy Girl", which marked the first of many scandalous performances with their female dancers. Yoochun was the first to show a solo performance as he sang "I Love You", and though fans didn't seem to mind when he sang to the girls in the clear enclosures, fans screamed in jealousy whenever he began to dance with the other female dancers. Perhaps luckily for the dancers, they all wore masks that concealed their identity from the raging fans! After Yoochun's sensual performance, ninjas dressed in sequined trench coats took the stage as JYJ performed "Mission". Following a slideshow of pictures from their tour, Junsu presented his solo track, "I Can Soar", which was followed by Jaejoong's solo performance of "Still in Love". Throughout the show, it seemed as though Jaejoong was the one member who most enjoyed the incorporation of more female dancers, and while Jaejoong's solo stage was oozing with sexiness, his fans didn't seem too happy with his many close "encounters". The mood brightened considerably when JYJ came together once again to perform their hit track from the "Sungkyunkwan Scandal" OST, "Found You", which was followed by "Fallen Leaves". JYJ went on to sing one of their new songs, "Boy's Letter", which was a unique experience to see them perform live. As the three members showed off their great vocal talent, fans grew silent as they stood in awe of JYJ, but that shock was short-lived as fans jumped and danced along as JYJ closed out the show with "Be My Girl (Remix)" and "You're" (there was also a brief return of Jaejoong's standing hair). Once JYJ exited the stage, the audience began to chant "JYJ", demanding an encore performance. Right when it seemed like their wishes were not going to be granted, JYJ reappeared donning casual JYJ t-shirts and jeans. They brought the concert full circle when they performed their "Get Out" and "Empty" tracks, during which they bowed to the audience with all of their dancers.However, their fans were still left unsatisfied, as they called for yet another encore performance! JYJ kindly returned to the stage to perform one last song for everybody, "In Heaven", during whichJunsu, Jaejoong, and Yoochun sang their hearts out, as they gave it their all by singing a sad love song about not wanting their lover to leave. - After all the lights, pyro effects, stage fireworks, and confetti, the concert had finally come to an end, but Yoochun assured fans, "We'll come again next year... We'll always love you guys", as they left the stage saying their thank yous, arigatos, and xie xies. Though the concert had ended, fans were reluctant to leave, as they lingered within and outside the theater in hopes of taking in every last moment of their memorable experience. --- With only one stop remaining on the North American leg of their "2011 World Tour", JYJ will next be heading to San Jose for their June 3rd concert, so be sure to get there if you can, because it's sure to be an extraordinary show! === Photography by: Alex Gao & Terence Lee

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