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LPG to advance into Japan as enka singers


LPG has declared their plans for a Japanese advancement, but unlike their competitors, they won't be diving into the idol market. Instead, they'll be heading for Japan's enka market, a genre which resembles traditional Japanese music (like Korea's 'trot' genre). On February 25th, the girls' agency, Chani Music, revealed, "They've received love calls from three major Japanese distribution companies, which we are looking over now. We predict that finalization of details - such as their Japanese agency and album release - will be done as early as next moth. Korean stars like as Tae Jin Ah and Park Hyun Bin are currently promoting in the enka market, which makes LPG the first Korean girl group.Their representative continued, "We received a lot of contract offers due to the fact that there aren't any young enka singers like LPG in Japan, or for that matter, any enka singers made up into teams, so there's a high potential for success." LPG officially began preparations last year by taking Japanese lessons with a language teacher. The girls have also been selected as CF models for makeup brand "A.C.CARE", and they'll begin promotions and advertisements starting April. Finally, LPG will be holding a 30-minute mini-concert with 50,000 guests at a stadium in Osaka for a celebratory performance in the Korean-Japanese celebrity baseball team friendship match. [gallery columns=4] Source: TV Report via Nate

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