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Posted by AKP STAFF Sunday, April 4, 2010

'Little Nichkhun' Moon Mason bakes bread


On April 27th, Moon Mason uploaded photos of himself baking bread and cookies with his mom on his Cyworld minihompy. Wearing a yellow bandana and matching apron, Moon Mason made food with his own tiny hands and enjoyed quality baking time in the kitchen. The baby actor brought forth a harmony of "Ooh"s and "Aw"s from netizens who came across the pictures. They commented,

"He is so adorable that I just want to bite him." "He grew so much ♡" "I hope he grows up to be just as pretty as Nichkhun oppa."
[gallery order="DESC"] With his pale complexion and wide eyes, Moon Mason earned the nickname of 'Little Nickhun' or 'Baby Nichkhun' for his resemblance to 2PM's Thai Prince. For comparison, here are a few photos of the two. D0n't they look like brothers?

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