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Sulli is asked about her choice in going nude for film 'Real' + controversial social media posts

By yckim124   29 days ago   92,615   1,610   0



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Sulli was asked about nudity in upcoming film 'Real' and her controversial social media posts at the movie press conference at CGV in Seoul on June 26. 

A reporter asked, "What's the reason behind your choice in provocative production and social media activities?"

The idol star responded, "It's not easy. I think it was a great challenge in acting. It was hard and I also was concerned but it was fun. It was a hard challenge but I was greatly attracted to the scenario. I believed it was a necessary scene.''

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As for her controversial social media posts, Sulli commented, "Social media is my personal matters so I don't think it's right for me to talk about it now."

'Real' starring Kim Soo Hyun, Sulli, Sung Doing Il, and more is hitting the theaters on June 28. 

  1. Sulli

lolhaha 25 days ago

KSH is also so stone faced, I always thought he was an overrated actor. But if sulli sucked my dick I'll be stone faced too

ani07 26 days ago

I think she reacted in a really professional way.

BoBo101 26 days ago

The double standards are real in this comment section. KSH was naked too but I don't see anyone calling him a slut.

intricate 27 days ago

those camera flashes.. o_O xD

hanunabila 28 days ago

I don't really care bout sulli, I'm just gonna watch ma boy naked :) hell yeah

_Jarhon 28 days ago

Gotta love all the morons hating Sulli and yet she's the only professional here who has to point out to reporters that private social media has fucking nothing to do with this movie promo.

lye54 _Jarhon 27 days ago

Sex sales that's the reason why she is relevant :)

BoBo101 lye54 26 days ago

sells* plz check your "disses" before you make an idiot of yourself ;)

lye54 BoBo101 26 days ago

Not feeling stupid at all. I don't give a shit about your comment. Is it spelled right this time :)

_Jarhon lye54 26 days ago

You can't reply "idgaf" if you obviously cared enough to respond in the first place... universal oxymoron that people just refuse to learn.

lye54 _Jarhon 26 days ago

IDGAF i care enough to respond because I am polite and i have few minutes. I like doing charity work.

BoBo101 lye54 24 days ago

Yeahhhhh, okay boo, you keep thinking that. And again with the the typos! Hours* (a little birdy told me you do this longer than a "few minutes" ;)

Funky_Angel 28 days ago

She seems to challenge herself on SNS more than she does with her acting...

jesuistarajiyeon 28 days ago

Bigbluethewanker is celebrating this.

pink_oracle jesuistarajiyeon 27 days ago

Shut up Wang.

jesuistarajiyeon 28 days ago

Sulli unni is so good at media play

Yoruni 28 days ago

lol the text of her answers made it seem pretty serious but the way she was actually talking and the phrases she was using were pretty unprofessional. I can't believe she used to be in an SM idol group. ksh looked so awkward

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