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BOYS24 Unit Black's Youngdoo officially apologizes for selling gifts he received from fans

By yckim124   23 days ago   31,714   1,178   67



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Youngdoo of BOYS24 Unit Black officially apologized for selling gifts he received from fans. 

Recently, netizens claimed that they've found an ID on a second-hand buy and sell website that matches with the ID Youngdoo uses online. It was also claimed that the idol sold expensive shoes and earrings he received from fans on this website. Fans then demanded an explanation from Youngdoo. 

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On June 27, Youngdoo admitted to selling the gifts and apologized via BOYS24's official fan cafe.

Youngdoo stated,

"First, I want to apologize to all associates of BOYS24 for creating a controversy. I want to reveal the truth and ask for your giveness regarding the issue. I sold the shoes because it was the same model of the one I already have. I have preciously kept the other one that a fan gifted me several days ago. The earring is indeed a gift from a fan. I didn't think enough. I'm sincerely reflecting on my actions. If given an opportunity, I want to meet the fans who gave me these gifts and apologize. I'm afraid of how this incident will harm my image and make me look immature to my fans but I believe it's something that I have to endure as I have disappointed many. I know wanting forgiveness immediately is too much. I just want to sincerely apologize for hurting the feelings of our fans who've always purely trusted and stood by me Yoo Youngdoo and BOYS24."

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    1. Unit Black

    MsArchetype 18 days ago

    They're just not doing so hot, are they? First that guy from before was talking about their fans, and now this one is (well was) selling his fans gifts. Yeah, there can be things given to you that you already have, but it was still given to you by fans who took their money to buy it for you. In my opinion, it seems like these boys got too cocky with idol life.

    propanda 22 days ago

    I know it sucks to fans whose gifts he sold, surely they thought of him a lot before getting him those- but in reality, you just don't space, use or even like all the gifts you got.

    nameisinvalid 22 days ago

    Idk -  those fans didn't have to buy any gifts, but at the same time it would have been more courteous (?) to not sell them.

    mind_blown 22 days ago

    I can see why fans are hurt and its very understandable but at the same time they should take in consideration that if he resorted to selling those gifts its likely because he doesnt make enough money to pay his bills and probably owes money.

    myanaconda 22 days ago

    What a shady rat

    krell myanaconda 22 days ago

    @myanaconda <-- What a shady TROLL ...

    Shiharu krell 21 days ago

    Surprised it aint wank

    robin1 22 days ago

    How do netizens even find this shit out??? wtf? I swear they need to work for the FBI or something.

    krell robin1 22 days ago ... <-- HARA (KARA Group) 'caught' RE-GIFTING a WINE bottle (who cares).

    Funky_Angel 22 days ago

    I'm kind of in the boat of 'once the gift is yours you can do whatever you want with it'. Idols get a lot of gifts, I wouldn't be surprised if they get multiple doubles of the same kind of things, as long as the gift isn't hyper personal, I wouldn't mind if they re-gifted to make someone else happy or even sold for money, better than it collecting dust somewhere.

    seungriseyo 22 days ago

    The real question here is how did they know his ID I don't even know mine

    Cheshire_Dreamer 22 days ago

    I'd feel super hurt if I was the fan, but his apology seemed genuine and like other users have stated, we don't know what kind of circumstances he lives in. I personally don't think it's a big deal, but if the fan was that hurt, maybe they can meet him like he said in the apology

    Maggie 22 days ago

    It's sad that idols are selling fans' gifts for money. That's how much spare time he has and how little money he has.

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