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[Drama Review] 'Entourage' - Episode 16 (Final Episode)

By beansss   Tuesday, December 27, 2016   26,458   2,127   7



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The journey for top actor Cha Young Bin (played by Seo Kang Jun) and his 'Entourage' has come to an end, or at least what of his journey we can see and share in, with the final episode of tvN's highly anticipated remake of the American series, 'Entourage.' 

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It was definitely a roller coaster ride, from the star-studded cast that grabbed attention at the production stages to all kinds of issues surrounding the acting, controversial scenes, leaked footage, etc. The final episode of 'Entourage' drew in a measly 0.7% in viewer ratings, which does prove that the people who watched it stuck around with it until the end. Whether those viewers consisted of Seo Kang Jun fans or just people like me who wanted to give a different kind of K-drama a try, we won't know for sure, but personally, sticking around until the end and watching this drama come to a wrap did provide me with a sense of calm and closure. 

The spitting image of the 0.7% of viewers after watching the final episode of 'Entourage.'

It has to do with the theme that this drama started out with from the first couple of episodes. Sure, things went really awry and rocky somewhere in the middle in the storyline's attempt to send the plot flying, but overall, the central theme that this drama dealt with was the theme that no matter what happens, things turn out okay in the end. And the main characters of this production were plenty good enough to bring this message forward in all of their little conversations and in the little antics of their lives. Despite his flaws as a person, main character Cha Young Bin manages to show us in the end that he's not a bad person in essence, and the reason that things turn out okay (or a little more than okay, if we're talking about his movie's success at the end) for him in the end isn't necessarily that he's this incredibly kind and good person but just because. That's how most people are, don't you agree? No one is really all that heroic and protagonistic in real life, but they work hard and try to do what they think is the right thing, as we saw Cha Young Bin doing often in the series, and like most people, Cha Young Bin had some good people around him there to dig him out of the dumps when he fell (which was a lot). 

It'll all work out in the end if you just hold hands like this. 

Similarly, the question that we've thrown back and forth in our heads of who the real antagonist in this drama was never got completely answered by this final episode because, in real life, no one is really an antagonist. During one scene in episode 16, when the 'Entourage' is back together for a meal, Turtle (played by Lee Dong Hwi) says about CEO Jo Tae Young, who until the end never forgave Young Bin for blowing off 'The Imjin War Terminator,' "She's our enemy," but somewhere in that conversation, there's the overarching tone that she's not really, and Young Bin is the one to comment, "She's in the hospital, we shouldn't be laughing about it." 

I repeat, she's not evil. 

So in the end, things worked out for Young Bin even after all of those mistakes and bad decisions, as things did for CEO Kim Eun Gap (played by Jo Jin Woong) and manager Lee Ho Jin (played by Park Jung Min), Young Bin's right and left arms. Even for Cha Jun (played by Lee Kwang Soo), who got dumped by Jooyeon in the last episode, it wasn't about him trying to get her back or beating himself up over all of his failures, but about him coming to terms with who he is, appreciating what's left around him, and finding success, too. At Young Bin's movie premiere, we even got to see a snippet of Joy Jung (played by f(x)'s Amber) well on her way to success. As for Turtle, it's true that he went around in circles for a bit for portions of the series and hasn't quite changed from where he started, but this also is more in tune with real life, because in real life, not everyone goes at the same pace, and not every successful thing happens all at once, as things tend to do in K-dramas in the last episode. 

Farewell for now, but I'll be back... (dun dun dun!)

Above all, if there's anything we can say to 'Entourage' as we say goodbye, it's to tell the actors, actresses, staff, and production crew, that it was a good try. The people who took part in this production should not get discouraged by what little results this drama ended up bringing. Trying out different, new things should never be discouraged, don't you agree? Even though I can't exactly give this drama's plot the best score taking into account all the odd curves it took throughout the series, a medium score and best wishes for actors Seo Kang Jun, Lee Kwang Soo, Lee Dong Hwi, Park Jung Min, Jo Jin Woong, Sohee, Amber, and more in their future productions I hope will be enough. For anyone who endured through 'Entourage' until the end, thanks! What drama are you going to watch next? 






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    charmeliza Wednesday, December 28, 2016

    They're all ruined by the Lim Hwa Su thingy! No concrete storyline but im still with them till the last episode... Sigh...

     0Reply Report Share

    BASHER Tuesday, December 27, 2016

    ohh it's done already ? if tvn is planning to do season 2 then they better make it interesting and not boring.

     0Reply Report Share

    karebearsays BASHER Thursday, December 29, 2016

    Trust me, they're probably not making a season 2, not with those ratings lol

     0Reply Report Share

    vyonce Tuesday, December 27, 2016

    did this drama really suck? idk if i should watch it or not but all these reviews make the drama sound horrible

     0Reply Report Share

    karebearsays vyonce Tuesday, December 27, 2016

    I've only watched like the first 3 episodes, but the thing about it was it was just boring. A lot of it was really uninteresting, especially for someone like me, who loves romance. I watched the drama for Seo Kang Jun and my UB Amber, but I couldn't do it, I was half-asleep throughout the episodes I watched (which I solely endured for Amber), but in the end I just decided to watch all her clips on IG.

     0Reply Report Share

    karebearsays vyonce Tuesday, December 27, 2016

    plus since it was a remake of an American show, a lot of parts (such as drugs) were cut out to make it appropriate for Korean TV, so the interesting parts were gone. Plus to me, whenever they were trying to do something idk, cool, it seemed kind of cheesy and unnatural to me so yeah I wouldn't recommend this drama. (no offense to anybody who did enjoy it).

     0Reply Report Share

    vyonce karebearsays Tuesday, December 27, 2016

    basically majority of it was extremely pretentious to mirror the american show but without the actual controversial bits. it can't really be done without those customs so i understand why it sucked. thank you!

     0Reply Report Share
    The End


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