Simon D addresses the concern that AOMG was sold to CJ E&M for a 'dirt cheap' price

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Simon D talked about CJ E&M's recent acquisition of AOMG on the August 31 episode of 'Radio Star,' a topic that might be a bit sensitive. 

MC Kim Gu Ra broached the topic first, commenting, "There are talks that you sold [AOMG to CJ E&M] for a 'dirt cheap' price.'" Simon D clarified, "It wasn't that much. Because we get a lot in return. We had our own good reasons [for agreeing to the acquisition]," implying that it was a fair tradeoff, at least in his books. 

Kim Gu Ra was blunt as usual, remarking, "In the hip-hop scene, they all say you sold your company at a ridiculously low discount. I heard that from Dong Hyun, my high schooler son. My son, who knows nothing, told me, 'Those bros sold their company for dirt cheap.' I'm just kidding." 

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Simon D explained, "There are people who even say that we did 'Show Me the Money 5' after becoming a part of CJ E&M but that is definitely not the case. Even when we were signing the contract to acquire our portion of shares, we said we weren't going to appear on 'Show Me the Money 5.' But I suddenly changed my mind. You can have a change of heart, right? I wanted to benefit AOMG and show that I'm on TV to my mother.




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    hiroonakamura Thursday, September 1, 2016

    something tells me that neither jay park nor Simon D is in it for the money. especially not Simon D given his background as an artist

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    HolyGrailz Wednesday, August 31, 2016

    They sold AOMG? Wow. But as long as those hits keeps coming its all good.

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    iisstf28 HolyGrailz • Wednesday, August 31, 2016

    Just part of it, they are still the CEO and they decide what to do, CJE&M just helps in management and handling the money I think?

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    kpoplolita Wednesday, August 31, 2016

    who cares! THEY ARE MAKING HITS AND ITS ALL LEGAL (but their hotness should be ILLegal... ok i'll stop now LOL back to the impt issue).  AOMG is still an independent entity and has its label value and cmon man, at least they didnt let their pride get in the way like "no i made this company ill never sell it cheap". Like SsamD says, it was a fair tradeoff. it wasnt cheap in their books because they looked at what they were getting in return. Their popularity has skyrocketed and its a cruel cold business world. Wouldnt u want to have more friends who will help support u and go forward together rather than suffer more than they already have? jay especially has 1st hand experience in getting screwed over inthe business world, and all the artists under aomg had been in the music scene for yrs but never piqued, UNTIL NOW. Im so proud of them. Also someone needs to put a leash on that lil pup, dong hyun XD

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