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[Drama Review] '38 Police Squad' - Episode 7

By jubilantj   Monday, July 11, 2016   5,275   922   0



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I can't believe all that happened in this episode. 

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I know that '38 Police Squad' isn't a makjang drama but this episode seriously teetered precariously on the border of becoming one thanks to all the plot twists and turns. A man died, another man was induced into a coma, an antagonist was resurrected thanks to the machinations of another more powerful antagonist, the asshat detective was utterly and completely played by Jung Do, and Kang Noh Seung, the good friend of Sung Il and manager of Tax Collection Bureau 1, was forced to submit his resignation letter. Though this episode was not unlike a makjang, that does not mean it relied cheaply on mawkish themes or was distasteful! In fact, I think this episode had my undivided attention throughout and kept me on the edge of my seat. 

Food in K-dramas always make me feel so hungry ;__;

Though at times, I couldn't help but be a bit skeptical about just how easily the task force gutted the rich for their due, unpaid taxes. The task force is either too competent for their own good or the people being scammed in this drama world don't know how to think for themselves. For the drama's credibility, let's just say that it's the former. 

Something tells me that these two are related..?

What I did like about this episode was the drama's message. Corruption runs rampant in organized places as Sung Il's detective friend Deok Bae told him matter-of-factly at one point. As a worker ant, there's nothing one can do once the big guys make up their minds. And the law was made to serve the rich. Sung Il faces wall after wall after wall of defeat in the face of this "just" law that keeps on letting him down. How easy would life be if Sung Il just gave into the sweet temptation and turned into another Director Ahn? He and his family would live in comfort and luxury, and he would be untouchable by that very law he had so revered. 

"This face may lie but my money don't!" 

But Sung Il's is just too stubborn in his ideals and loyal to his comrades that it's unlikely he will ever go down the easy route. Instead, he decides to break those same sanctified laws to get back at the very people who break the laws to service themselves. It's almost Robin Hood-like what Sung Il and Jung Do are doing: collecting riches from the rich and having those riches go back to the public and toward purposes that will enrich/improve society as a whole. As I have mentioned, the task force's real fight hasn't even begun. I'm just can't wait to see the downfall of Bang Pil Gyu! 

"Excuse me, sir, I'm trying to take a tinkle here." 







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