'Korea's Got Talent' sensation Choi Sung Bong recovering from a car accident

May 15, 2013 @ 11:31 am
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'Korea's Got Talent' sensation Choi Sung Bong (23) has been belatedly revealed to be recovering from a car accident.

His agency revealed on the 14th, "Choi Sung Bong was on his way home after practice on April 17, and the bicycle he was riding collided with a passing car. He survived a 4-car accident and as a result, he broke his ribs and scarred his head." The agency assured fans that Choi Sung Bong is recovering and is currently fulfilling his busy schedule.

Choi Sung Bong rose to fame as 'Korea's Paul Potts' with his moving performance on 'Korea's Got Talent' back in 2011, and caused tears among the judges and viewers with the story of his painful past.

Netizens commented, "If it's a 4-car accident, it must have been a serious injury," "Please take time to rest while carrying out your schedule," and "Recover soon and let us hear your honey-like voice."

Here's to his safe and speedy recovery!

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