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2NE1's CL officially changes title of solo debut song to "The Baddest Female"

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2NE1's CL has officially changed the English title of her solo debut song to "The Baddest Female".


The track was previously called "Bad Girl" ("Bad Girls"), but YG Entertainment announced on the 23rd, "The English title was decided on as 'Bad Girl' until this afternoon, but after asking CL what she thinks of the title 'The Baddest Female', we went with that instead."

It's known among fans that CL is fond of the phrase "The Baddest Female", so the new title definitely seems appropriate. Her agency decided on it because the 2NE1 leader is known to be kind and well-mannered offstage, but when she's on stage, she becomes 'the baddest female' around.


When asked if the title of Lee Hyori's latest album, 'Bad Girls', was a factor in the name change, YG Entertainment stated that it was not part of the decision-making process.


A rep previously detailed,"['The Baddest Female'] is a very slow hip hop beat track at 70 BPM, which is not that different from a ballad... It incorporates CL's powerful rap along with dougie dubstep and modern sounds."


Considering this is CL's first solo song since she debuted with 2NE1 four years ago, how much are Blackjacks looking forward to the release? And do you prefer "The Baddest Female" over "Bad Girl(s)"?


Source: Star News via Nate, Sports Seoul via Nate


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kpopislife00 Monday, June 10, 2013

The song was really awesome.. cl rocks ttm ;

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exoticsunite Sunday, June 9, 2013

She really IS the baddest female

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thekpopdream Sunday, June 9, 2013

I hate it when people compare her to Lady gaga. Um, they are nothing alike! They have their own separate style. But other than that, CL really IS the baddest female!

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