miss A's Fei advances to finals on 'Master Chef Korea Celebrity' and impresses chef Kim So Hee

April 5, 2013 @ 10:12 pm
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Chef Kim So Hee revealed that she wanted to recruit Fei to work at her restaurant.

Chef Kim So Hee is one of the three judges on the popular show, 'Master Chef Korea Celebrity'. The April 5th episode showed Fei, Hwayobi, Shin Bong Sun, and Son Ho Young battling to become one of the finalists. During the show, the chefs were going around to check on their progress, and Kim So Hee stopped at Fei's station and was awed with her culinary knife skills.

She watched for a while and said, "You're very talented with a knife. Do you want to work at my restaurant with me?". Chef Kim So Hee owns an award winning restaurant in Austria called 'Kim Kocht' and also hosted various cooking programs in Germany, Australia, and Italy.

At the end of the show, Hwayobi was eliminated from the competition, and the rest of the three went onward to the finals. Check out the episode below!

Good luck to Fei, Son Ho Young, and Shin Bong Sun in the finals!

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