miss A's Fei becoming a 'blue chip' in variety show field

March 5, 2013 @ 7:07 pm
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Will miss A's Fei be the next Suzy?

It is safe to say that Suzy has become one of the top idol stars and a cash cow for JYP Entertainment through her various roles in dramas, movies, variety shows, in addition to her activities as an artist. But it appears another member from the same group is also becoming a 'blue chip' in the variety show field.

Fei has been gaining popularity as the representative 'chef-idol' through 'Master Chef Korea Celebrity' and showed off her cooking prowess by claiming her second win on the latest episode. Fei will also be the next girl group member to star in 'Dancing With the Stars 3' which is set to premiere on the 8th. During the press conference for the show on the 4th, Fei shared her determination to win, stating, "[Girls' Generation's] Hyoyeon did well last season so I think that I have to perform even better", and left fans excited to see her showcase her talent as a dancer.

JYP Entertainment also expressed high hopes for Fei stating, "We anticipate Fei to show her talent not only through her activities as a singer, but also through various fields of entertainment. There are currently a line of requests coming from variety shows and endorsement deals that have been eyeing Fei."

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· Posted June 14, 2013 @ 3:37 pm

Wish her success! 

The End