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[Updated] Rookie group Purplay finally reveals MV for "Love and Remember"

February 14, 2013 @ 6:46 am
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Girl group Purplay has finally released the full music video to accompany their previously revealed debut single, "Love and Remember"!

As mentioned before, Purplay is a 4-membered girl group that is said to possess powerful performance and vocal skills. The members are WoomiJiyoEeple, and Seolha.

The girls trained for 4 years, and are said to have been involved in the rap making and choreography associated with their debut track.

Although overseas fans wondered if the group would be changing up the portion of the choreography that has become an issue with the delay of the full video, it seems the segment has been kept as is.

Update - Although the previous description of the MV had stated that Purplay had directly participated in the choreography and rap creation of the song, CJ E&M has now updated the description to read, "With the I.aM.mE Crew, Purplay members participated in the creation of the rap and choreography..."

Update 2 - The change in the MV description seems to have been a step towards rectifying the matter with the dance crew. It has been revealed that Purplay's agency has finally addressed the choreography issue, read it here in the latest article.


Check out the full MV below (Updated with new link after video was reuploaded by CJ E&M)

Update Tip: hoyaluv

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