'Idol Star Athletics Championship' PD denies claims that an idol group was banned after lying about schedules

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MBC's '2013 Idol Star Athletics Championship' ('Idol Athletics Championship' for short) has denied accusations they faced following a report that had suggested that an idol group has been banned from appearances on MBC, after lying about schedules to get out of filming for the show.

The report had stated that an agency of an idol group, who had been confirmed for an appearance on the show, had used the excuse of having other schedules in order to get out of filming for 'Idol Athletics Championship' that took place on the 28th.

According to the report, MBC looked into the agency's claims and found that there was no such schedule that they had reported to get out of filming. Having found out the agency had lied, the broadcast station was said to have placed a ban on future appearances from the idol group in question.

Jo Wook Hyung PD denied the report and stated on the 31st, "The claims about an idol group facing a ban on future appearances due to not filming is totally false. Although it is true that the production staff, who would like as many singers to appear, feel disappointed if the singers say they can't appear, there has not been any case where someone faced a ban on future appearances due to not appearing."

"It is true that we check their availability by confirming if they have concerts, CF filming, and other schedules. But there hasn't been any guest who lied that they had a schedule, and there has certainly never been any discussion on banning someone just because they couldn't film for 'Idol Star Athletics Championship,'" he added, further denying the report.

In related news, the '2013 Idol Star Athletics Championship' will air on February 11th.

Source + image: OhMyNews via Nate, Star News via Nate



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