Crayon Pop express gratitude to their fans

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Crayon Pop recently sat down for an interview and shared their gratitude towards their devoted fans.

Crayon Pop shared, "Our fans revive our energy. If I were to recall one episode, we had to go to Japan, and our fans said they would revive our energy. As a surprise event, they did a cosplay as bodyguards and members of the press. We were surprised because we thought they were really bodyguards and press. We didn't imagine that they were our fans."

The members continued, "After getting a closer look, we realized they were people we saw a lot before. After hearing about it, we were touched. Other groups' fans were saying that Crayon Pop's fans are amazing. Even during music shows, they chant louder for us than anyone else... It is really encouraging. We have a lot of uncle fans who say that we're like their nieces. We haven't attended an awards ceremony yet, but fans came to our practice room and presented an awards ceremony for us. They even prepared a wreath and rookie award trophy. We were very grateful then. I think we were born with 'fan fortune'."

"We are receiving a lot of strength from fans these days. To repay them, we want to definitely show ourselves succeeding. Although fans smile when they see us, we also smile a lot because of our fans. We want to make them happy through our success. Also, even if we become more famous than we are now and get busy, our consideration of our fans won't change."

In other news, Crayon Pop recently made their comeback with a new single, which is a remix of their previously released hit titled "Bing Bing".

Source + Image: TV Daily via Nate


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ForeverWithU Wednesday, September 4, 2013

And now, they are so successful.

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